Bathroom is painted!

That’s right! You read it here first. Our bathroom is finally painted. Woohoo! We started our guest bath makeover by painting our ugly tile bath surround white, then we added a barn light and framed out our builders mirror.  Next up… Paint! I had mentioned in this post that I was leaning towards a lighter shade of turquoise and after looking at all these babies….


I narrowed it down to Ante Meridian by Valspar (middle color on the second card down from the top).  It’s crazy because in natural light it almost appears white, but in our bathroom it’s a pretty, perfect light turquoise that’s grey enough to prevent the 80’s from requesting their bathroom back. Nice.

Now, when it comes to painting technique, it’s typically recommended to cut in first, then roll. But, hey, I’m a rebel. Foragoodietwoshoes. So, I rolled first….


And here’s my reason. Because bathrooms require so much edging, I prefer to roll as close to the edges as possible, then make up the difference cutting in. And since we have textured walls and I used an eggshell-finish paint, the difference in brush strokes wasn’t obvious at all. And I did feel like it saved time. It only took me about an hour and a half to paint this entire room. Granted, the bathroom is tiny.

As you can see in this shot, I decided to go ahead and paint the ceiling…


I feel like it helped the room feel taller and since one of my main goals in starting this bathroom was to “de-yellow” the joint, it helped in that respect as well. All of our ceilings are beige, so with a few fell swoops of my trusty roller, one more surface of yellow undertones was forever banished!  For those who don’t know, our builder didn’t offer white tubs, toilets or countertops for the bathrooms… They provided biscuit. Ugh. So, I’m hoping to play down these aspects of the room as much as possible and make them work.

So, here are a few “before” and “progress” shots that show where we are now…

IMG_3324 IMG_4116

IMG_3096 IMG_4130

Ignore the unpainted mirror frame.  I still haven’t gotten to it.  Also, (and I guess this depends on your computer screen) the paint color is a bit more green in person.  It’s looking awfully grey to me in these shots for whatever reason.

Still to go:

  • Paint new mirror frame
  • New faucet
  • New toilet paper holder, hooks and drawer pull
  • Create shower curtain out of the awesome fabric I found
  • Accessorize and style

So anyways, we still have a little ways to go until the room is complete, but I’m happy with our progress so far.

Sidenote: Check out your URL bar above!  I’ve secured to make my humble little blog a smidge easier to find.  😀