Small cha-cha-cha-changes

Last weekend was about a few small tweaks.  I love tweaks.  They’re easy, cheap and add a little zest that wasn’t there before.  Tweaks are really where a house starts becoming a home.

But…. before we dive into these little tweaks in question, please allow me to show you Exhibit A:


Honestly, I feel bad for any plant who is granted into my charge. This once healthy palm, now only has one (failing) branch left. Sorry, man. My bad.

I’ll admit, this is not my first plant-death-rodeo.  There have been many a leafy sacrifice at the hands of yours truly.  Yet, I’ve refused to learn my lesson.  Reason being… I like the look of live plants better than my usual go-to (aka. Fake).  Plus, I’ve heard that house plants help filter the air in your home, so I figure that can’t be bad either.  Thus, I just keep trying.

On my latest trip to Home Depot, I discovered that large house plants were on sale for $9.98. Score. So, I took home a lovely snake plant named Pete. The lady assured me that snake plants are pretty hardy, so I decided to gamble Pete’s life give Pete a home.

Since Pete’s a little shorter in stature than his predecessor, I stuck an empty paint can in the bottom of my metal bucket…


… then just placed Pete, in his original ugly plastic pot right on top (after sticking a cheap plastic pot-bottom (technical term?) underneath to catch any rogue water). Much better…


IMG_1560 IMG_1559

I love his striated leaves and how he brings a touch of nature to our corner.

Our other tweak occurred after I moseyed over to what remained of the HD’s outdoor section. Outdoor pillows for an absolute steal. The solid pillows were $2.98/each and the patterned were $5.98.  Here’s a before…


And after….




Not a drastic change but they add a little punch of color and coziness. Plus, they help cover up that back-cushion tufting that I’m ever so fond of (insert sarcastic laughter).  Total bonus!   Drinking wine out here just got more comfy! Heehee!!  We’re still far from done out here, but it’s getting closer with every tweak.   I’ll probaby trade out the turquoise planter for something more neutral.  Colorful fall flowers in the pots are definitely in order.   Maybe some concrete stain soon?   We will see.  So, all in all it was a pretty successful trip to HD. I left spending about $24.  The cheapo in me was gleaming with pride.

And just for a teeny touch of fall in honor of the cooler weather, I wanted to leave you with a little gift Lucas gave us (with the help of gramma)…




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