Hi! I’m Mat!

Over a year ago, I saw the doormat of my dreams on Pinterest. At the time, we were selling our previous house, and I wasn’t sure how potential homebuyers would react to it (It does require a little sense of humor). So, I [very] impatiently held off. After that, we lived in an apartment for six months while our house was being built. Having been the victim of apartment doormat theft in the past, I didn’t want to risk it with this gem. Then, upon moving into our house, we stalled on pulling the trigger as there were other items that came first on the money-spending priority list.

But, the other day, we finally went for it. I placed my order on uncommongoods.com and waited with baited breath for it to arrive. And boy, was he worth the wait. Without further adieu….


Yes, Siree. That says “Nice Underwear”. It makes me laugh every time. We like doormats with personality. And this one, in our eyes, is chock full. Plus, his quality is great. Nice and thick and plush. My only complaint was that he was a tad small for our doorway.  So, I picked up a $6 woven rug from Ikea and layered Mat on top.   Our doorway is pretty inset and therefore isn’t exposed to many of the elements, so I felt comfortable using an indoor rug for this task.


Just for kicks, here’s the doormat from our last house….


Uh-huh. It says “Leave”. That one made me chuckle, as well.  (We did swap this out for an actual “Welcome” mat while our house was on the market, though.)

Since we’re out here already, here’s the rest of our porch. Im gonna go ahead and call these “before” shots because other than adding Mat and plopping down furniture on moving day, we’ve literally done nothing to it. I don’t even think I’ve wiped down the chair.   Joey did add the stone border to the front bed around the same time that he completed the back borders, but the actual porch has been neglected since we moved in.


Plans here include changing out the lighting fixture with something more modern/industrial, painting the rocker a bold color, adding a second chair so I don’t have to rock out alone, adding colorful pots with flowers, some fall decor (if I get to it in time) and changing out this classy piece of computer paper….


…For a better looking sign (you wouldn’t believe the number of solicitors we get here). So, anyways, we love how Mat livens up the place and we think he was a great place to start the changes on our front porch.

So, what’s your favorite doormat??


8 thoughts on “Hi! I’m Mat!

  1. Your family is growing first Larry, now Mat! Love the idea of adding the second mat (um.., Harry?) underneath. Looks great!

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