Centerpiecing it up

Remember how I mentioned that my dining centerpiece changes faster than Gaga’s hairstyle? Well here’s another….

IMG_2648 IMG_2647

I stuck some fresh blooms in a glass, which is set in a small Ikea galvanized bucket. I placed them on top of a gold starburst charger (found for $4 at Goodwill) which is on top of a round butcher block cutting board. Then, my good ole’ spray-painted pumpkin made a reappearance to join the fun. I swapped out my more neutral leafy runner for a slightly more modern sage and cream leafy runner to complete the look.  And again, I’m lovin’ my mixed metals with the stainless and gold.  Muwhah!  Kisses, my sparkly friends.

Now, I know fall motifs and pumpkins are soooo last month ( 😉 ) but with recent events we haven’t gotten around to decorating for Christmas yet. I thought I’d just share what I had going on at the moment and move forward from there. We’re hoping to decorate for the holidays this week (complete with cookies, hot chocolate, and a little Elfy Will Ferrell to round out the Christmas spirit… While singing loud for all to hear. And smiling. Smiling’s my favorite. And possibly drinking a cup of the World’s Best Coffee. With syrup. I looooooove syrup. Is there sugar in syrup??  All while sitting on a throne of lies… Wait. Scratch that last one. I’m such a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins.) You’ll have to forgive me. This time of year I speak mainly in “Elf” quotes.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Here’s to a having a safe, fun holiday season.


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