Bathroom Birthday Art!

So, today’s my birthday… the big 3-3.  Ugh.  Although, I like how Mac explained it to Lucas “Lucas is 3.  Mommy is 3-3.  So, really, you’re all 3.”

Heehee!  I LIKE IT.

Anyways, part of Mac and Pop’s gift was this awesome sketch of Lucas created by Mac, of course, along with a fabric-covered mat (Are you starting to see a recurring theme here?? Our house wouldn’t be a shadow of what it is without my mother-in-law’s artistic ability.  I know.  I’m totally spoiled.). 😉

Anyways, she put it in this lucite frame because she didn’t know where I’d want to display the art or which frame I’d prefer.   As luck would have it, I liked the lucite frame.   I just thought it needed a little jazzing up.   So, I gave the edges of the cardboard inset a few coats of red craft paint…

And hung it above our wire rack in the guest bath…

I like that it brings a subtle pop of red to that side of the room…


Just for for fun, here’s a little before and after action…PicMonkey CollageYes, this was my first attempt at a before and after “collage” of sorts.   What do ya think?   I may go back and add one to my other posts now that I’ve got the bug.   Anyways, I love that the room is starting to take on kind of a funky gallery vibe.   Plus, that adorable little face deserves the spotlight in every room if you ask me.  I heart that face.  🙂

So, anyways, I have more ideas in store for the bath (namely on the opposite wall where I mounted the hooks)…


I’m not sure when I’ll get to it, but yet another tweak is on the agenda.  Those are such exciting words to me.  Anyways, I’m off to spend time with the family (If you happen upon us, I’ll be the one gorging myself on cake).  Everybody have a terrific weekend!!  🙂

(P.S.  You can check out my last post to catch up on all of our guest bath makeover up to this point.)   


4 thoughts on “Bathroom Birthday Art!

  1. It looks great! I should text you a picture of our bathrooms so you can see why I love yours so much! I think ours needs a bit of tweaking but someone else disagrees with me 😉

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