The Before Tour, Part Deux

Wow, guys.  It’s been an insanely crazy weekend with more than a few hiccups.  I’ll eventually cover them here for all to read, but dang, ya’ll.   I’m exhausted.  And the stress-meter is through the roof.  I’ll just say that I never expected one piddly little weekend to involve an unfortunate sales price reduction, mold, lead, and flooding all at one time.   Seriously.   I.Need.Wine.  In any case, we’re trudging through and trying to keep our chins up as much as possible.  And being the dork that I am, nothing helps me keep my chin up like a good ole’ fashioned house tour.  So, onward with the fun stuff…

Last we left off with the tour of our new 1970’s house, I’d just finished showing you the foyer, kitchen, laundry room, half bath and living/dining spaces.   So, let’s continue, shall we?

Off of the foyer we have the hallway to the bedrooms…


The hallway contains not one, but TWO linen closets, which are like a total dream for me.  Iloveclosets.  On the left hand side, we have two bedrooms.   Both have built-in desk areas (which I can’t wait to get my hands on).  Here’s the first…

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It’s the smallest of the bedrooms, and we aren’t really sure what purpose it’ll have at this point…  But rest assured, we’ll figure it out. 😉  Possibly guestroom/office?  Yeah, that sounds good.

The next bedroom is the largest of the secondary bedrooms.  This will be Lucas’s room….

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I’d like to switch it up a little this time around.  I’ll still probably use a lot of decor from his current room, just in a different way.  And I’ll also be choosing a new wall color with little man’s help.

Across from Lucas’s room is the guest bath, which you saw in my first post about the new house…


The pedestal sink will be gone at some point in place of a vanity with storage.   I’m not a super big fan of the black tile bath surround either, so that may eventually make a disappearance.  And this room will be repainted, though I’m not sure what color yet.  As neutral as the current paint color is, it’s just a bit too yellow for my taste in person.

Once you walk out of the guest bath and turn right, the hallway takes a 90 degree turn.  I forgot to take a picture of this view but here’s the reverse view from the master bedroom…


That doorway past the sconce on the right is the third secondary bedroom, which we’re planning to use as another hang-out space.  Our Friheten sofa that’s chillin’ in the front room of our current house will likely go in here…


My favorite feature of this room (of course) is the closet…


You beautiful, beautiful beast.

Then, at the end of the hallway, we have our master bedroom….


The bed will go on the wall on the left-hand side of the above picture.  Standing from that spot, here’s the view…


That little atrium area leads to both the walk-in closet (left) and our epic master bath (right) …

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From the other side of the room….


There are no words for this room.   But then there are many as it’s quite the conversation piece.   I mean, it’s purple marble with swirls of mauve!!  How could it not be the topic of conversation??  This’ll likely be a full gut down the line.  I’d love to replace the gargantuan purple tub with a nice (smaller) claw-foot version, enlarge the shower, add a solar tube for natural light, and just basically replace everything.   Including the stained 1980’s floor tile.  In the meantime though, I’ll be repainting the walls and doing whatever I can to make the space more visually appealing to tide us over.

As you exit the master bath, and are facing out of the atrium, you see this wall, which is where our bed will go…


This space will likely be repainted as well, since the purplish undertone clashes with our bedding.   Actually, come to think of it, I suspect most of the rooms in this house will be repainted eventually.  I actually love the color of the living/dining space, hallway, kitchen, etc., but unfortunately, it was painted in flat paint, which makes it impossible to clean.  And from what I’ve been able to tell, they didn’t leave us any touch-up paint for that color.   I plan to have it color-matched for the time being, but that’s really just a band-aid.  The walls really need an eggshell finish down the line for more durability.   I may very well use the same color, just up the sheen.  But, I guess we’ll see!

In any case, we’ve got our work cut out for us.  We’re really excited about it, though.  We’ve been getting estimates, making smaller improvements and working on getting some of the floors replaced, so I’ll update ya’ll on those things soon.  Plus, I owe you guys an outdoor “before” tour, as well.   So, anyways, ya’ll have a great week and I’ll be back soon!



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