Easy Caulking

So, yeah.

This post is about an easy way to caulk.

And is in no way revolutionary.

But, for me… it was absolutely MIND-BLOWING.


The fact that I hadn’t tried this method sooner makes me wanna knock my head against a wall repeatedly.

All of those lumpy caulking jobs in my past.

All of the paper towels just thrown to waste in my feeble attempts to create a clean, straight line.

All of the jumbled swear words.

Wasted. Just wasted. (andnotinafunway)

I’d seen this method on some of my favorite blogs (like this and this), but simply poo-pooed it in my head.   It’s not like I thought it wouldn’t work…. obviously their results were fantastic.  Its just.  Well.  I HATE painters tape.   We have a hate-hate relationship, painter’s tape and I.   I’ve never had luck with painters tape (becauseithatesme).  It mocked me: “You think you’ll get a crisp line??  Well, I showed you!” and “You think you’ll have no bleed-through… well watch THIS.”.

But, somehow, we seem to have made amends.   Not sure when it happened, but we’re totally cool now.   I think the tape felt bad for me and decided to throw me a bone.  And for that I will now invite him to my birthday party.

Allow my pictures to do the talking….

**Note: remove the tape immediately, while the caulk is still wet.  

Right??!!  See those nice crisp lines?  Friggin’ gorgeous.   So, tell me, painter’s tape… did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?   Oh.Yeah.

Ya see, I’ve spent many hours caulking lately at the new pad.   While the baseboards had been newly replaced and were beautiful choices, they were never actually caulked to the floor. So, I had scary mental images of a washer leak or toilet overflow where the water pretty much shot straight under the baseboards and into our walls.   Um, no.   Just no.  Therefore, caulking was one of the first things I started on once we got possession. (Please note the “started on” part.  Like anything else in this house right now, it’s still not finished.)

In any case, the painters tape method has worked like an absolute charm and all of the “wet areas” in the house are now caulked and sealed.  I just have the hallway left to do.  There are some areas where I’m having to go back twice as the gaps are so wide between the floor and baseboards, but slowly but surely, I’m getting there.  I want this house sealed like a tank.   And it will be.  Someday.  😉

So, this is one of the many (fragmented) projects I’ve been working on as we slowly get settled in our new home.  So, have ya’ll ever stalled on trying a technique, only to have that “why didn’t I do this sooner” moment?

TDC Before and After

6 thoughts on “Easy Caulking

  1. This is brilliant and, like you, don’t know why I haven’t tried this sooner! Your timing couldn’t be better Christina! We’re just about to caulk our bathroom, but have chickened out a few times – I totally feel like we’ve got this now! Thank you!!!

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