Lucas’s room = Painted

Wow, guys.   Just holy wow.  I have so many (fun) projects going on right now that I’m not sure what to give you first.   That’s what’s so crazy about these first months after a move.   Everything’s a little schizophrenic.  I want everything to be done all at once, so it’s an explosion of projects started in all corners of the house.   No rhyme or reason.  And what’s funny is, yes… I painted Lucas’s room this weekend.  But, no.  It totally wasn’t the plan.  It was a whim decision.  As in, I went for a jog, got back, saw Joey working in the yard (with Lucas “assisting”).  And said, “Hey!  I think I’ll paint Lucas’s room (rightnow)! “. I. Am. SUCH. A. Weirdo.  Several hours later it was done.   But not without a lone, sad pride casualty.  I give you my Facebook status from that day….

Oh, Lucas. (sigh!)

Anyways, the paint-fest actually came as a side-effect of Lucas’s new bed.   Ya see, my uncle gave us this great cargo bed that used to be my cousin Bryan’s.  Here’s the foot-board…

You intrigued?  😉

I’ll have a separate post about the bed later, but the short of it was that after I refinished it darker, we started to move the bed into Lucas’s room.  And then I changed my mind.   I decided that I didn’t want to move the bed into the room before painting the walls and risk splatter drops violating the nice, new finish.  Thus, the room needed to be painted sometime soon so we could get the bed out of the garage.   At the time, I didn’t realize that “sometime soon” would be that very day, but it totally worked out.  So, we’re good.

When it came to wall color, I’d initially thought that I wanted to paint the walls a punchy green.  But, after throwing some green paint swatches on the wall to get a general idea, I wasn’t sold.   It clashed with some of accessories that I wanted to use in the space.  Then, I remembered that I had almost a full gallon of the gorgeous grey paint from the master bedroom leftover, so I threw that up there too…

And I loved it.   It took on much more of a khaki color in this space due to the difference in lighting.  It was perfect and would be a great backdrop for all of the bright colors I’m planning to bring into the space.    So, I did it.   And here’s where we are now….

Now, keep in mind that I haven’t even BEGUN to style the joint.   This is literally just move-furniture-back-post-painting mode.  I did, however, rearrange the furniture in the space which completely opened it up (aaaaand I’m now realizing that this means nothing to you since I neglected to take a before picture).  Just take my word for it.   Moving furniture around (FOR FREE) is one of the most crazy, game-changing moves to make a space feel so much more welcoming.    This is the layout that this room always wanted. There’s plenty of floorspace for Lucas to play and yet, it doesn’t feel cramped in the slightest. I just can’t wait to get his new bed in here (we realized that we need to purchase a few more bolts to fully assemble it first). But, this is a really great start for his room.

And here’s the ninja-turtle-donning man of the hour pulling off yet another Chandler-Bing-Smile (the towels on his shoulder are his “back-up nunchucks”)…

So, still up…. curtains (once the windows are replaced next week), a little special treatment for the built in desk area (not shown), new chairs for his little white table, wall art, styling. Lots to do, but we’re on our way!! 🙂

TDC Before and After

4 thoughts on “Lucas’s room = Painted

  1. I know what you mean about the pride crushing…I used to sing lullabies to my daughter as she fell asleep when she was a baby, and now, three years later she’s telling me to stop :P. Also, my ten month old son laughs when I try to sing him to sleep 😦

    I might need to check out that paint colour for my house. It’s really nice!

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