Easy Industrial Pipe Toilet Paper Dispenser – Monthly DIY Challenge

HappyDance!! It’s that time again. Time for what??! Time for our Monthly DIY Challenge. The Monthly event where several bloggy friends and I are assigned a specific theme or item which we must simply make something with.


This month’s mission??? Plumbing parts.

Unlike our previous few challenges, I instantly knew what I wanted to do for this one. I was going to make a toilet paper dispenser and matching shelf for our newly-painted, blank slate of a pool bath…


Actually, blank slate may be an understatement. Literally. The room had nothing in it but a trash can and a basket of toilet paper (andatoilet). It needed help. And a butt-load of function. That’s a measurement, right?? A butt-load?? Heehee!  I say yes.

Anyways, unfortunately, around the time that I was supposed to be working on these projects, I came down with a stomach bug which drastically limited my functional capacity. Thus, the wood for my shelf didn’t get cut, sanded, stained, and finished as planned. So, the shelf will be a project for another day. And it WILL happen. I already have the stuff. Plus, now that I’ve seen how cool the toilet paper dispenser looks, I just wanna spread the cool.

So, without further adieu… allow me to present you with my super simple, industrial toilet paper dispenser (permasmile plus tooth-sparkle, aaaaaand wink!)…


Eh? Eh??

Pretty neat, right??? Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it was the Easiest.Project.Ever. No joke.

I simply purchased these items from Lowes….


– 1/2″ floor flange
– 1/2″ cap
– 1/2″ x 6″ nipple
-1/2″ x 1 1/2″ nipple
-1/2″ 90degree elbow
(All were in the black steel color)

And washed them thoroughly, because dang… They were greasy…


Once they were dry, I simply did the following…









And then attached the holder to the wall with anchors and screws (using a level to ensure it was installed straight… It was.  Despite my slightly crooked picture).


Now, for a REEEEALLY important life question… Can you really call it a “beauty shot” if it involves toilet paper? …I say yes again. 🙂






So, ten minutes was all it took to add function and a style that mustn’t be reckoned with to our pool bath.  Serious style.  With muscles.  And possibly a Mom tattoo on his forearm.  😉  Anyways, this guy is super sturdy and I can’t get enough of that tough steel texture against the softer aqua/turquoise color on the walls.  The contrast makes me so darn happy.  Now, to just get going on the rest of the space.  Heehee!

So, that’s my contribution to this month’s DIY challenge!  Do yourself a solid and check out the other awesome creations made by my lovely peers…

TDC Before and After

19 thoughts on “Easy Industrial Pipe Toilet Paper Dispenser – Monthly DIY Challenge

  1. Hahaha! Dan and I were going through these posts together and he was like “Oh! I really like the TP one! It looks like our powder room!” … I think it was his subtle way of saying that we should do this too 🙂 Our little powder room is even painted a similar colour to yours!

    • Great minds think alike! You should totally do it. The pipes compliment the paint color even more in person… I was kind of worried for a minute that the paint color was going to be too feminine, but the manly pipes totally balance it out. It makes me that giddy nerd who dances and claps at the sight of toilet paper (helpme). Haha! 🙂

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