Under Construction…

Well, sort of.

Let’s call it “Involuntarily Under Construction”.

If anybody’s been wondering where I went, what with my post a few months ago announcing my return and promises of many future posts… I’m sorry.   Seriously, I am.   But, there’s a reason.   Allow me to explain…

See, I was all pumped about getting everything back up and running over here in blogland.    I’d just posted about our kitchen updates and was ready to move on to my next post.   I’d spent a bunch of time putting it together and there were only a few small tweaks left before it was ready to be published.  I logged into my account, opened up the post, and said “Where the heck are all my photos??!!”.

Ya see, the site that I was using to host my photos (which will remain nameless) went from free, to wanting to charge nearly $400 per year to continue hosting with them.   Without warning.  And not only that, they’d disconnected all of my photos that I’d hosted with them previously until I chose to do so.

I looked back at previous post after previous post, my House Tour page, etc., and nearly all were missing photos.   Ugh.

Since I’ve never attempted to monetize my blog, it didn’t make financial sense to spend that kind of money for photo hosting (especially now that I’m a SAHM), and I was sure not using that particular photo-hosting site anymore after they’d pulled that crapola.

To say that I became discouraged was an understatement.   Not only did I need to find a solution, I needed to reload years worth of photos to fix all of the photoless posts I now boasted.  And that required me to REMEMBER exactly which photos I’d used in each post.  Double ugh.

Knowing how much time each post had taken to create initially… choosing and editing the photos, uploading, etc., I wanted to cry knowing that I’d have to do it all again.   Add a (cute but) fussy newborn and new mama exhaustion to the equation, and well… I was done.

So, after taking a little break to let the frustration whittle down to a more manageable level, I’m currently in the process of going back and fixing all of my posts of yore.  Not gonna lie… it’s taking FOR-EV-ER.  So, if you see a post in the archives with missing pictures, just know that I haven’t gotten to it yet.  Aaaaand not gonna lie… I haven’t decided on a solution yet in terms of web-hosting.   I’m currently just using up what I have left of my free WordPress storage.  I’d been trying to reserve it, hence, the outside photo-hosting, but again, it is what it is.  If anyone has any suggestions, I’m open (and appreciative).   If not, I know I’ll figure it out when the time comes.

In the meantime, I still have those posts that I’ve written (I told you about them in this post) that I’ll publish when the timing is right.  Thanks for bearing with me.   I appreciate you guys.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Under Construction…

  1. Honestly, and to put it bluntly, that sucks. That sounds nearly like blackmail. They’re holding your photos hostage. Creeps. Take your time and take a breath. We’re still going to be here.

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