A little living/dining space update

This post begins as an ode to thrift stores.   Oh, how I missed them.  From the time that we found our new home and put in an offer until one mere week ago, I hadn’t allowed myself to step foot in one.   I figured it was just more stuff to move if I found something.  And I started getting twitchy.  Nervous.  Grabby.

I missed the hunt.

I missed the finds.

I missed the awesome 80’s slow-rock at Goodwill.  (Yes, I’m that weirdo who sings along with the mad tunes as I troll the aisles. …I mean, come on… it’s WILSON PHILLIPS!  Don’t tell me that you don’t pop into Goodwill strictly for a good WP fix.)

Anyways, I couldn’t wait to reestablish myself as Resident Thriftie of this establishment.   And NOW, I have some specific items in mind to find (which, despite my recent thrift store visits, I have not yet found.  So, it’s ON.)

For example, we decided to use Drex as a buffet in the dining area rather than our dresser in the bedroom…


(Please ignore the floor sliders under Drex… He ways a TON and I couldn’t get them out.   And also, I forgot they were there until I looked at this picture just now.  Go me.)

So anyways, now we need a new dresser for our bedroom.   I know, I know… If you read about the PROFOUND struggle that I overcame to find a mid-century dresser the first time around you think I’m crazy.  Well, I’ll have you know that I AM crazy.  It’s a sickness of the MCM variety.   I.just.cant.help.it.  I’m seriously craving another mid-century modern dresser to fill the dumping ground that is our bedroom.  Can’t you just see it??  …Isn’t it grand??  I’m hoping that the hunt is a little less taxing than last time and much quicker… I mean, poor Joey is living out of garbage bags.  Garbage bags, I tell ya!!   (In all fairness, I suggested that he use Drex in the bedroom until we found something else, to which he stated (and I quote) “I would rather live out of garbage bags than move that heavy {insert choice word here} again.”  So, really, maybe it’s not that big a deal (tohim).)

Now, let’s hop back to the dining area once again….


This space really excites me because it’s the one (and only) space that I know exactly what I want to do.  For example, the dining table will be painted white, then I’ll find a neutral, natural fiber rug (like jute or sisal) that’s large enough to accommodate the table and chairs.  We’re very lucky as Joey’s parents had these patterned Ikea chairs and gave them to us when they bought new ones.  Score.  Our Ikea Lack floating shelves will be hung above Drex and I plan to hang a pair of floaty white curtains alongside the picture window (with bamboo roman shades between them?? I’m trying to come up with a window covering option for night that doesn’t obscure the view during the day).


You can see that I’ve put zero effort into styling the built-ins.  Part of this was lack of time due to the many time-suck-must-do-tasks that have come up recently, the other part is that I want to paint the built-ins white before spending time making them pretty accessory-wise.

Getting back to my thrift store wish list, we’re also in search of a different media cabinet for the living space….



My cute little media unit from the last house didn’t work in here, so it’s in the foyer now.   It was just too small to be a media cabinet now that the TV rests above it.   We needed something larger to ground the TV.  You may recognize the cabinets that I revamped for the foyer of our last house standing in.   The TV stand between them was original to the set… I just need to paint it white if it stays.   I’m just not sold on it staying.  I’m on the hunt for some type of mid-century shelving unit or storage cabinet to replace it with, so that I can move these white cabinets to the atrium area of our bedroom.  So, I’m searching for something cool.  It might be a dresser.  It might be shelves.  It just depends on what I find.  It needs to be something relatively narrow, but wide enough to accomodate the equipment.   The world is my media-unit-oyster at this point.  So, we’ll see.

The rest of the living room currently looks like  this….


(Lucas, ‘er, Leonardo, requested a cameo… Icouldntresist.)




I haven’t officially hung any art yet.  I’ve just been leaning things against the walls to get an idea of where I want them.   As for window treatments, I’m kind of stuck on what to do for the sliders.   I tried hanging a pair of white curtains the other day and it just looked silly.  The fireplace is way too close to make curtain panels an option.   I took them down almost immediately.   I was thinking maybe bamboo roman shades hung high, but then the color is tricky as I don’t want them to compete with the fireplace. Hmmmm…. Only time will tell, I suppose.

And lastly, here is the wet bar as it is now…


I just accessorized a wee bit, though I’m still noodling with it.   As I mentioned in this post, this area will be completely transformed once we’re done with it.   Since there’s no lighting on this side of the room, I hung an inexpensive plug-in sconce from Ikea.    Because the side view of the mounting bracket wasn’t super attractive…


I simply wrapped it with a bit of burlap ribbon….


Problem solved.

So, that’s where we’re at with the living/dining space after 1.5 weeks of officially living here.  I still have a lot of work to do decor-wise, but at least we have our furniture in place and the spaces are functional for the most part.  Our spare room is currently stacked with boxes of decor that are just screaming to be unpacked.  You seriously can’t walk in there right now.   I’ll get to it soon enough, I’m sure.  And, of course, I’ll update ya’ll as we go.

So, does anybody have any window treatment suggestions for slider doors??  Any words of wisdom?

TDC Before and After

Masterpiece for our Master

So, we had this empty, lonely wall in our bedroom that was desperately in need of a friend some art…


And now we’ve got some…

This piece was created by my mother-in-law, Mac.   She offered it up when I’d mentioned that I needed some art in this post.   She actually said that she didn’t have room for it and that I could alter it any way I wanted.   I briefly considered painting it white, since I thought the green was too bright, but couldn’t make myself do it.   It’s just too cool of a piece.   And once I set it up on the dresser and let it marinate in my head for a while, I ended up simply loving it as is.  The color is off in this next shot by quite a bit, but I wanted to include it so you’d get a feel for the detail and texture in the piece…

And a few more glamour shots…



You can see that I was playing around with the styling as I took pics.  I couldn’t help myself.   It’s still not completely right, but it’ll get there eventually.    I love that the green coordinates so nicely with our bedding.   Happy accident, if you ask me.    Plus, the painting is modern and graphic without being too in-your-face.  And I like the message.   Make The Time.   To me, this means make the time to just do nothing.  Make the time to sit and play and be silly with Lucas.   Make the time to enjoy the little things.   A good message to wake up to every morning, for sure.

This side of the room is definitely coming together.  It’s slow, but it’s happening.   I still need to play a bit more with the styling and am still on the hunt for a mod white chair to replace this brown guy….

I don’t often show this corner of the room because it’s just…. so… brown.  I’ve had this chair forever and didn’t have another place for it.  And although I’m a fan, it’s just not right for the space.

I’ve considered breaking down and simply painting it white and calling it a day.  Though, I’ve hesitated in doing this because I was afraid that the chair would take on more of a country vibe (what with it being wicker and all).   But then again, this chair has such clean lines that it may be fine.

Or maybe, I’ll just nix that plan and go for something like him…


Or him…

Loveshack Chic

And don’t even get me started on this happy egg chair…

Young House Love

(DROOL! If only the thrift store gods would bestow a coveted egg chair upon me.)

I do know that a white chair (whichever route I choose) is definitely the right call for this corner.  I recently experimented by throwing a white sheet over him to see what I thought.  And it was perfect.  It caused the chair to recede visually, which allowed Drex and our new painting to move forward and become the stars of the show.   As they should be.    Right now all that brown is just competing with itself.    So, unless I come across the deal of the century on a kick-bootay white mod chair, I may very well be adding this chair to my “to be painted white” list of items.  So, we will see…

So, what do you guys think?   Paint the chair?   Go retro?