Happy Halloween!!

I wanted to do an extra post this week (1) to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!  and (2) to share Lucas’s DIY costume.   Joey’s mom has sewn Lucas’s costumes every year and this year was no different.  He wanted to be a policeman and boy did he make a cute one…

IMG_2289 IMG_2300     IMG_2323

She bought a black long-sleeved shirt, pants and boots, then sewed his “kevlar” vest.   She added lettering to his vest and hat.  And added velcro like a real bulletproof vest, a cord to represent his radio, and a loop for his flashlight…


Joey added a set of cuffs on the side as a last minute addition.

Lucas absolutely LOVES his costume.  He couldn’t wait to wear it and strided around with an air of pride once he had it on.

And in case you’re wondering, 2 year-old policemen say “Oooooo!” at pretty flowers…


And look like this when a loud car starts up…


I mean, I’m dying here…


Well done, Mac!!!   Well done.  And thank you.  🙂


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