Another (easy) Ikea hack…

So, here’s another quick Ikea hack for ya.   Oh, yeah.  Love me some hackage.  This is a project that I completed a while ago, actually.  And it’s shown up on the blog quite a few times.

The piece that I’m referring to is this guy….


I get some questions about him, so I thought I’d share the deets.  The truth is, this was a super easy, cheap and changeable hack.  Come to think of it, “hack” may be overstating…   It was that easy.

It all started when we were gifted this Ikea bookcase by my sister-in-law, Jesse…


It’s the Billy bookcase from Ikea.  She no longer needed it and we were in need of storage, so we took it off her hands.   We used it as an open book shelf in our last house, but needed a bit of concealed storage for our front room once we moved into our current house.   At this point, Jesse enlightened me to the fact that Ikea sells DOORS for these exact bookshelves.   Shut the front, um, door. Yeah.

So, we checked them out.  Here were our choices…


For some reason the full-length solid door that was available at our local Ikea wasn’t on their website, but here’s the shorter version just to give you an idea. This solid one was great for concealed storage, but seemed a little too “institutional” for what I was looking for.  And this one…

BILLY OLSBO Glass door IKEA Push to open; creates a clean look with no handles needed.

Was all glass.  Lovely.  But was too exposed to meet our needs.   Then, we spied this guy…

BILLY OLSBO Panel/glass door IKEA Push to open; creates a clean look with no handles needed.

Business on bottom.  Fun up top.  It was the mullet of doors.    And you know how I love a good mullet.

Before we even laid down our credit card to adopt these puppies, I decided that I wanted to frost the glass for a little more concealment and style.  So, we brought our mullets home and I took a trip to our good ole’  local HD where I picked up a can of this….

I laid my doors on top of a few cardboard boxes for a more comfortable work height, taped around the windows with painters tape and shielded the wood with spare pieces of cardboard.  Then, I applied several thin, even coats of frosting spray to the glass (leaving dry time in between).     Once the doors had cured, we attached the them to our bookshelf leaving this….


It was okay.   The frosting didn’t camouflage the contents as much as I’d hoped and I realized that we needed a bit more concealed storage space than previously thought.  Enter this guy…


Why, it’s a roll of wrapping paper that I found at the One Spot at Target for a buck.  I simply attached it to the back of the doors with Scotch tape.


I also added some stainless steel knobs that we had leftover from the kitchen.   I’d love to change them out for those more colorful ceramic Hobby Lobby knobs for a bit more interest some day (when I remember to buy them, anyways).

Which brings us to today…

IMG_3752  IMG_3868IMG_3867

And in case you’re like me, and you enjoy snooping around in other people’s stuff, here’s what we store in there…


Our extra decor items that aren’t currently in use.  My cabinet of misfit toys, if you will.   This is where I shop in my house for free. We also store some old textbooks and larger cookbooks in here. I love the storage that this unit provides and the fact that if I ever get tired of the current wrapping paper I could always change it for something more colorful for a completely different vibe.

So, has anyone else done quick Ikea hacks that they’d like to share?  I love hearing new ideas!


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