Just ruggin’ along

May our foyer makeover commence!!

I’m not wasting any time after completing our bathroom makeover to get started on this gem.   It’s the area that sets the tone for our home as it’s the first spot that people see.  Yet I’ve never felt that it matched the feeling of the rest of the house.  In this planning post,  I mentioned that I was searching for a round jute rug for our foyer in, aaaaaaand…


Mission accomplished.

Pretty much right after I hit “publish” on that post I started yet another online rug search. Which is when I stumbled upon this 5′ round jute rug at World Market on sale for 71.99.


Most of the round jute rugs I had encountered up till this point were over 100 buckaroos, so I took this as a sign.  Plus, we were heading to my parents’ house that evening and just happened to be passing by a World Market, so we swung by.

And wouldn’t ya know, there was ONE 5′ round jute rug left in the store. And it was the very first item I saw when I walked in.  It was like fate.   So, I gracefully (or, not so gracefully) hoisted him up and waddled over to the register to make him mine…


The texture and color of the rug is perfect.  I do question whether I need a 6′ rug instead of the 5′, but I haven’t decided yet. I can’t help but think that the 5′ is a little small.   I’m going to wait until the cabinets are painted white to completely decide, since that may be a game-changer in how the space feels.

On this wall, I was also thinking of hanging the mirror horizontally and adding a bench beneath it, which would further affect the rug size needed…


In this shot, you can see that I took away the baskets from beneath the units as well. It’s definitely helped them feel not as heavy, so they’re gone for good…


Please excuse the generally messy pictures what with the cord showing, the open hall closet, etc.   I was hurriedly taking photos between doing a bunch of other stuff and this is what I ended up with.  Such is life, though.  And our lives definitely have their messier moments (most of the time).  🙂

So, what do ya’ll think?  Too small?  Just right??  Here’s a wider shot to give you a better idea…



7 thoughts on “Just ruggin’ along

  1. I love that rug! I wish my foyer was large enough to have one like it. I think the size of the rug might be ok once you add the bench and shift it over.

    • Thanks, Jesse! That’s kind of what I’m thinking, too. I think I’m gonna still keep an eye out for a six footer just to be able to see the difference. I guess we’ll see. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jessie! That’s kind of what I’m thinking, too. I think I’m still gonna keep an eye out for a six footer just to see the difference, but I’m not unhappy with the five foot rug either, so we’ll see. 🙂

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