What do you get when you cross two Christmas trees with an orchid?

Answer: Our front porch.

This weekend, I spent the bulk of my time working on refinishing the foyer cabinets.  So, our house currently looks like this…

Note:  I tried to get Lucas to smile, but he decided to pull a Joey instead (what with the silly-face).  Not kidding.  My attempts at smileage are as follows…

Heehee!  Boys.

Anyways, with all this chaos inside, I decided that a quick update outside was just the ticket to bring the front porch into spring.   Which was desperately needed, since, well… 


Yeah.  We’re those neighbors.

Those neighbors who have fake poinsettias displayed on the porch until March. It could be worse, though. There could be an inflatable Santa in our rocker.  But, fortunately, there is not.  Mainly because I’d never buy one. Nothing against inflatable Santas. They just creep me out slightly. Something about watching Toy Story too many times.

Anyhoo, it was time to change it up.   And I had one goal:

Spend Zero Dollahs.
(Aka, Use Whatchya Got.)

And what I got was these…


Two faux Christmas trees. I bought them on clearance for $3 a piece from Kroger a few months ago. I know. It sounds absurd.  DeChristmasing the porch with Christmas trees. I feel ridiculous typing this. Yet, I did it anyways….


I’m hoping they look more like topiaries since I simply dropped them all the way into my planters. I *may* be kidding myself, though. I realize this. But, it’s okay. They’re better than the poinsettias, in my opinion.

As for the frame wreath, it’s now been adapted for Fall (read the full tutorial for how I made it here), jazzed up for Christmas, and now dressed up for Spring…

IMG_4541 IMG_4545

I simply removed the previous burlap, secured a few fake orchid stalks using some floral wire that I had in my craft box. Then, I tied some more burlap ribbon around the base. Easy. And freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I have to say, I love our frame wreath.  I’m cheap (as most of you know), and when it comes to our front porch, I’m pretty lazy as well.  It’s funny.  I’ll work my tush off for interior decor or for our back patio, but somehow our front porch seems to get neglected.  The frame wreath has proven versatile and easy to alter according to the season without a big to-do, which is exactly what I need.


So, there you have my free, quickie (non-Christmasy?) porch makeover.  Wish me luck with the cabinets.  It may take me all week to scrape the excess paint from the plexiglass without causing scratches.  I need all the moral support I can get.  I hope everyone has a great Monday! 🙂


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