Wee bit o’ basket painting

Basket-painting.  Oh, yes.

Basket-painting is totally my jam.   It’s one of those little projects that I’ve done that’s turned out well each time (so far).   It’s easy.  It’s inexpensive.  Plus, I really enjoy doing it.  And I have oodles of extraneous baskets laying about, so it’s a total win-win.   Basket-painting takes an otherwise boring basket and transforms it into a piece of art.  Floats my boat every time.  I mean, seriously, what’s not to like?

My obsession began when I painted this little guy as I decorated for Christmas….


So, simple.  But I still love it just as much as I did on Day One.

Then, I Polyshaded my way to happiness with my basketcases…


Now… it’s onto our front room.   Remember this cabinet?   I last discussed it back when I added chicken wire...


After living with it for a while, I decided that the inside of the unit needed to be brightened up some.   I thought about painting the interior, but decided to start by tweaking the woven boxes inside and see where that led.   I felt that they were a bit too drab, (enter Yoda voice) so paint them, I must.

I wanted some light, brightness, so I pulled out some white paint + primer that I had in the garage along with this grey craft paint….

I removed the lids to the baskets, and gave the top half of the base a coat of white paint (I could swear that I took pictures of this part, but alas, they’re nowhere to be found.)

Anyways, once the white paint was dry, I added grey paint to the bottom half.   I simply eye-balled the middle and freehanded a line around the perimeter of the box with a small artists brush, using the baskets’ weave as a guide…

…and then I filled in below my line with a larger brush….

I decided to leave the lid as-is for some contrast.  And here’s how they turned out…

And here they are back in the cabinet (I keep switching the arrangement back and forth, so I thought I’d include shots of both.  Ya know, since I’m an over-sharer.) …

The baskets definitely liven up the cabinet, for sure.  And I love the simple blocks of color.  I still want to paint the inside of the unit a light, bright color (and maybe the outside as well?) just to give the cabinet more interest, but I’m hereby undecided on color.  Or…. OR, maybe I should paint the LEGS!  Just throwing that out there.   Ideas are flowin’, people!

So, anyways, this was a simple, quick, free and easy project that I’d happily do again.  And probably will soon.  Watch OUT!!  No basket is safe!!  😉

What do you guys think?  Anybody have any thoughts on a color for the unit?  Paint the inside only?  Outside too? LEEEEGGGGS???   Also, can anyone tell me if I can conceal our wireless modem?  Or does it need to be visible behind glass???  I have a feeling that I’m thinking old-school on this one.

Lastly, you may find me to be MIA over the next week. I’ll be taking a step back, raising my hands from the keyboard, and spending some much needed vay-cay time with the family. Woo-hoo! So, I hope everybody has a great week!!


6 thoughts on “Wee bit o’ basket painting

    • Queen of the Baskets… I LIKE IT!!! I’m seeing a little basket tiara and woven hemp robe complete with glowing thistle scepter for which to grant little basket wishes. Haha! Thanks a bunch! 😉

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