Superlucas to the rescue!!!

And that’s one.   One of what?  One of the cute things Lucas says.   That’s right… I had to do it.  I had to document these things, because I’ll forget despite my greatest efforts.

And I must remember.  So, I can have blackmail a record for when he’s older.  So, I’m doing it. Right here on my DIY blog.  A total off-topic post about our son’s cuteness.   And, yes, I’m aware that this post may only be entertaining to me, but still… Had to do it. Especially with Mother’s Day right around the corner. 🙂

A few of these are repeats of my Facebook posts, but I wanted them to all be one place. So, sorry if you’ve seen these before.

So, here’s our funny, lovable, busting-with-personality three-year-old (wearing his Daddy’s hat)…


I love this face.   🙂

And here we go…

Lucas.  He cries for no reason sometimes.

Me: “Why are you crying?”.
Lucas: “I dunnnnnooooo.”


Lucas: “I try to stop crying, but I caaaan’t!” (The funniest part about this is that he says it randomly and with a look of complete and total dumbfoundedness over his inability to stop crying).


Me: “Why are you crying?”,
Lucas: “You mad at me. And I cry. I just wuv you so much!!”  (P.s. I wasn’t mad. I just asked why he got up from bed.)

Lucas.  He hates my singing:

Lucas: “Shhh! Daddy’s sleeping.”
Me: “No he’s not.  He’s washing dishes.”
Lucas:  “Shhh! Daddy’s washing dishes.” (Doh!)

Lucas.  He quotes Seinfeld…

Joey: “Lucas, how’s your dinner?”
Lucas: “The best, Jerry, the BEST!”

Lucas.  He cracks us up even when he’s serious:

“I’m so sorry to you. It’s all my fauwt.” (Insert droopy head with pathetic expression)

Me: “Lucas, you wanna do yoga with me?”
Lucas: “No, because I not a girl anynore.” (Ummmm…..) (…and that’s not a typo… Anynore=Anymore)

Lucas.  He’s a hungry guy:

“I like footballs and basketballs and MEATBALLS!!!!


Lucas: “Can I have more cookies?”
Me: “No more for today, buddy.”
Lucas: “But, I want more cookiesIloveyou.”  (Insert puppy-eyes)  Good effort, son.  Nice.

Lucas.  The superhero:  

“Come on, Papa.  Lets go save someone!”


“When I six, I fix everyfing. Because I’m SUPERMAN-FIRETRUCK!!!”


During breakfast one morning…
Lucas: (panicked) “Mommy! Mommy! Where’s my cape??!”
Me: “I took it off you last night before you went to bed. Ill get it after you finish eating.”
Lucas: (eyes tearing up) “But…” (Insert quivering boo-boo lip) “But… I can’t fly wivvout my cape.”
Me: (drops everything) “I’ll get it now.”

Lucas.  He’s a smart guy:

Joey: “What time is it?”
Me: “I dunno.”
Lucas (at 2 years old): “It’s time for a clock!”


“Good driving, mommy!”  (…said no one ever before him.  Bless you, son.)

Or (…my personal favorite. I know. What beats the driving one??)….

“I like you. You knows everyfing.” Yep. Yep, that’s right. Yep, he said that to me.

Lucas.  Always the gentleman:

Lucas (at the dinner table at 18 months old): (BUUUUURP!!)
Joey: “Say excuse me.”
Lucas: “Cue Kee!” (FAKE BURP SOUND!!)
Me: “Not at the table, buddy.”
Lucas: (disappointed expression)…(pause)… Then, he screams “FART!”


He runs out of our bedroom with a bra around his belly screaming “I no touch boobies!” (Yes, this is an ongoing conversation about personal space.  He improvised by incorporating undergarments. We’re working on it.)

Lucas.  He’s totally random…

(Mac talking on the phone with my mom)  Lucas interrupts with: “Is that Jake from State Farm?”

Lucas: “Daddy, you have whiskers!”
Joey: “I do. Where are your whiskers?”
Lucas: “They gone.”
Joey: “Where’d they go?”
Lucas: “They go to Walmart.”

Lucas.  He’s a practical guy:

Me: “It’s cold outside. You have to wear a hat.”
Lucas:  “I don’t wanna wear a hat. I just wanna wear my head.”


“I don’t wanna go to sleep.  I just wanna wake up.”


(Lucas being loud)
Joey: “Lucas, Shhhhhhh!”,
Lucas: “Why? Who’s sleeping?”

Lucas.  He may have been born in his thirties:

Me: “After your nap we can go get some ice cream!”
Lucas: “Okay, but chocolate will keep me awake.”


Papa: “Lucas, can I borrow your car?”
Lucas: “You kidding me, man?”  (The respect for adults conversation is also ongoing.  But this cracked my dad up to no end because it was so unexpected.)


Me: “Lucas, you need anything?”
Lucas:  “No, I fiiiiine.”  (He says this all the time… I just never wanna forget it.)


Tony: “Can I have a hug?”
Lucas: “Well… (pause) It’s up to you.”

Lucas.  He’s a loving guy:

Gramma: “Lucas, do you like edamame?” (pronounced edamommy)
Lucas:  “Yes! And I like daddy too!”


“Here’s a rock, mommy. JUST FOR YOU.”


“Daddy don’t go to work. Because I love you.”


“I love Jesse. I go to Oregon. ”

Lucas. He knows what’s up…

Me (In November, as we drove through my parents neighborhood): “Lucas, who are the flags for?”
Lucas: “Uncle Alex!”
Me: “Why?”
Lucas: “Because he’s a hero!!” (Damn straight, kid.)

Glossary of Terms:

Ma-Shake-ahs = marrachas

Skunkly  Snuggly Sungalee Stinklee = slinky

Ant mill = Oatmeal

Pajah-meees = Pajamas

Compruurrurr = computer

Bruuubuury = blueberry

Banklet = Blanket

Maffles = Waffles

Rester-o-haunt =Restaurant

Nanilla = Vanilla (which (fun fact!) is how I used to say it when I was his age)

I’m sure there are many more that I’m forgetting, but it’s a start.   I’m sorry to say that I never kept a baby book.  I just never was organized enough to make it happen at the time.  Probably the new mom, sleep-deprived thing (although, given the percentage of sleep-deprived moms who actually do keep a baby book, I have no excuse).  So, I thought I’d pepper in some memorable posts like these that I’ll want to look back on later.

So, tell me… what cute things do your kids say?


8 thoughts on “Superlucas to the rescue!!!

  1. That was great fun to read! Loved it! You had me cracking up all the way through, and then I read, “I love Jesse. I go to Oregon.”, and I started to cry. Thank you for not letting him forget me. 🙂

    • I totally agree!! And to have the ability to look back on it later is absolutely priceless. I love reading personal stuff about bloggers. It just really helps to get to know them better and appreciate their posts even more. That’s how I’ve always felt about the blogs I follow, anyways. 🙂

  2. hahaha! He sounds like a pretty incredible little guy. Loved these! My four-year-old also tells me he doesn’t know how to stop crying. What is that?!

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