On the watercolor train!

Lately I’ve been seeing (and loving) many of my favorite blogs talk about watercolor art.   And now, I’m jumping on the bandwagon as well.  You see, I’ve always been an art fanatic. As long as I can remember I’ve loved anything artistic and creative.  Studio art was actually my first major in college until I switched for various reasons (although, never because I didn’t love it).

A few weeks ago, Lucas wanted to paint, so I checked out his stash of supplies and decided on his cheapo watercolor paints.   I grabbed a few pieces of cardstock and we got to work.  Then, Joey saw what we were doing, he got in on the fun as well…

We painted for a while, although, unfortunately the activity didn’t keep Lucas’s attention for as long as I’d hoped.   I think Joey and I were way more into it than he was, to be honest.   In any case, here’s Lucas’s masterpiece….

And Joey’s…

As for me, in enjoying this post about watercolors over at Brepurposed, I immediately became enamored of the bold strawberry print and decided to create my own more muted version…

Which I stuck it into the frame on our counter…


I ‘m pretty happy with how it turned out and love the food-nod that is now incorporated in our kitchen.  Plus, the “Keep Calm and Jingle On” print was WELL overdue for a change-out (seriously, you thought our front porch was bad??).   Anyhoo, a happy little strawberry was just what the room was craving (pun intended).

And now, I’d like to finish this post on a sappy note.  Feel free to skip over this paragraph if you’re not in the mood for heartfelt mumbo-jumbo.  Seriously, it’s okay.  You’re forgiven.  🙂  (Aaaand cue the violins…)  Six years ago today I married my BFF and haven’t looked back a day since.   I can’t imagine a better partner in crime or father of our child.  And in sixty years, I look forward to rocking out together on our front porch while discussing denture care.   Happy Anniversary to my very favorite and here’s to many more happy years to come!  🙂



 (and, scene!)


TDC Before and After

14 thoughts on “On the watercolor train!

  1. Playing with watercolor is a lot of fun. Try wetting the paper and letting your son add color to the wet paper. This way the colors will mix together in beautiful ways. He might think it’s fun to splatter the paint onto the page. Messy is usually fun! 🙂

    • Awesome! I’ll definitely try that next time! I think he got frustrated with remembering to dip the brush in water, so that would help make it more satisfying for him, for sure!

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