I challenge myself to an organizational duel

Ever notice how one small change can kick off an avalanche of epic proportions??   Such is the case with our home at the moment.  So, what am I referring to, you ask??

One small change = New nightstands

Result = I’m not even sure where to start  

Okay, how about we begin with the immediately displaced cd-racks-turned-nightstands that we’d been using before we acquired our new loves (check them out in this post about our new nightstands).  I didn’t want to get rid of them, so I put my thinking cap on and decided that they would be useful storage for the closet in No Man’s Land (Our spare room).   Which looked like this at the time…


Once this decision was made, I set about emptying the closet so that I could figure out where to put the cd racks.  Which caused No Man’s Land to look like this…


Seriously. I’ve joked about this being my Monica Gellar Closet for some time now.  Now.You.Know.  Do Not Enter.  Do not pass go.  I suspect your search party won’t make it out either.  Now, as I emptied the closet, I did a cursory evaluation of the contents of this disaster-zone, and decided that some of this stuff will need to be stored in our hall closet.  Problem??  Our hall closet currently looks like this…


So, that’ll also need to be reorganized in preparation for the impending No Man’s Land Purge.

Next, we have this furniture which previously lived where our newly revamped bench now sits in the master bedroom….


It went fine in our bedroom with the old nightstands, but with the new ones… not so much.   So, it had to go.   I decided that it’d also be useful storage in No Man’s Land’s closet.   Problem???  It stored my tall boots, scarves, bathing suits, boot socks, etc.  So, that stuff got dumped into our master closet.  Which looks about as good as No Man’s Land right now (sorry… turns out the pic I took was not suitable for human viewing.).  Thus, it will ALSO need to be organized and made functional.    Heck, I’d settle for being able to enter and exit without experiencing mental trauma.

And to think this all started with ONE.  SMALL. CHANGE.


One small change turned our house into a veritable organizational mad-house (not that it was a stellar example to begin with).

So, with all of my closet secrets exposed (pun.intended), my goal will be to pump this house with organization.  And to do it on a budget.  I want to utilize items we already have and find inexpensive storage solutions to make me less afraid of our house.   I’ll be blogging about the experience, obviously, but can’t always promise pretty, clean before and after pics since this is real life and sometimes things just take time.   I plan to chart our voyage as we go.  Step by step.  Little by little.  Until it’s done.

And just so ya know… The laundry room and Lucas’s closet are also on the list.  They aren’t the new nightstands’ fault.  That was all me.  And Lucas.  And Joey.  But they could still use some sincere organizational help.

And I would love your input along the way.   Any and all suggestions are appreciated and will be considered.    Because goodness knows, the organizational portion of my brain has been one card short of a full deck for some time now.   Although, I will say that writing this post is really getting me pumped for these projects. So, Mission Accomplished. 🙂

P.S.  A huge thanks to Lindsey over at Better After for featuring my newly revamped foyer cabinets!   Check it out here!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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