A little birdie told me…

Hello all!   So, this is a project sparked by my little man and his creativity.   The other day, I was driving to my parents’ house after work to pick up Lucas, when my mom told me that Lucas had made me a surprise.   Now, I love surprises, so of course I was ecstatic.  I hurriedly made my way over there and was greeted at the door with a giant Lucas-hug and this…


A little Lucas DIY!!  Pride nearly busted out of my little DIY-lovin’ heart!

My mom said that he chose the paint colors and spent a good amount of time painting the house (which was then topcoated with an outdoor-specific sealer by my mom).   I asked Lucas if we should display it outside in the backyard for the birds and he instantly stated “That’s a great idea!”.  So, done deal.

I wanted to place it in my herb planter, so my initial thought was that I’d add a stake to the bottom of the birdhouse and call it a day.  So, half-serious and half-trying-to-be-funny, I typed “Birdhouse Stake” into my good friend Google (fully expecting the internet to laugh in return), and wouldn’t you know…. a birdhouse stake is actually a thing!!   Not really the thing that I was looking for, but still… A THING!!!   Color me kind of proud of myself for choosing an actual key phrase.

Now, I have to warn you…  I’m about to take you on a journey through the inner workings of my mind…  As I was lazily scrolling through the mystical land of birdhouse stakes, I came across this picture…



Which reminded me of this candle holder in our bathroom…

Which reminded me of this candle holder that I’d purchased in college many years ago and kept in storage ever since…


Which totally clicked in my head as a potential birdhouse partner.

The rest of this story can really only be chalked up to fate.  It’s pretty much the only explanation.  I removed the square ceramic plate from the metal base and…


The birdhouse and candle holder fit together like they’d been separated at birth.

I simply used some Aleen’s Tacky Glue and adhered the birdhouse to the candle holder.   Once it was dry, I ceremoniously paraded him to his new home.   And here’s my little man’s masterpiece in action…




That is, my little man’s masterpiece in action next to my basil TREE!   Seriously, remember when my basil looked like this a few weeks ago????


Jeepers creepers!   I’m not used to plants flourishing.  It makes me think I’m doing something wrong.

So, anyways, thus concludes the harrowing tale of how a birdhouse and candle holder found love. And how our backyard got a little more beautiful courtesy of Lucas.  🙂

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11 thoughts on “A little birdie told me…

    • I know, right??!! That sounds delicious!! I just pinned a caprese dip that I wanna try as well. And I recently made this gnocci recipe with garlic butter and fresh basil that was a total party in my mouth. Can you tell that I’m totally loving this? Haha!! As for Lucas, I’m so proud. I think he’s really starting to take an interest which is a dream come true. 🙂

  1. So, I looked up your blog and it took me to 11/22/13 post. I thought that you had posted it today, I didn’t look at the date I just read. Being at a birthday party with everyone there today I thought was really cool that I just happen to see that particular post. I love it!!!! Alex knows:) I love this sight and signed up for everything! talk to you soon!

  2. Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links on Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week 🙂

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