Ask and ye shall receive… (aka: Found an MCM dresser!)

So, yeah… the hunt was WAY less taxing than last time.   Woo-hoo!!!    Remember in this post, I mentioned that Drex (our first mid-century dresser) is now being used as a buffet in the dining space?  And that we needed a new dresser for the bedroom??   Well…


I give you the newest member of our family.   He’s a handsome, solid wood, Bassett mid-century gem of awesomeness.

Ya see, after we moved in, I began searching for a new dresser for Joey (he uses the dresser while I monopolize the majority of the closet.  It’s just how we do.).  I visited thrift stores and antique malls, but nothing.  I tirelessly searched Craigslist, and after emailing no fewer than ten sellers about their dressers, I came across this ad…


It was towards the end of the 3000+ listings for dressers, so I figured there was NO WAY this dresser was still available.   I mean, it had great lines and the original wood finish.   Plus, it was listed weeks ago.  So, color me shocked when the seller responded that not only was it available, but she’d dropped the price to $90.  Um… Where do I sign???

We arranged a time to meet and my dad and I went to check it out.   Seriously, I was shocked when I saw it.  It was SO much more lovely than it looked in the Craigslist picture.  It reeked of quality and character.  The seller told me that she’d been trying to sell it for months and it hadn’t sold, hence, multiple price reductions.   I was absolutely dumbstruck by this fact and jokingly stated that it was simply because I hadn’t come along yet.  😉

I paid the nice lady and brought him home.  I shined him up with my favorite combo of Restore-A-Finish and Feed-N-Wax (for more detailed instruction on how to use these products, check out this post or this one).   The Restore-A-Finish covered all the nicks, dings and scratches and the Feed-N-Wax shined him up beautifully. And that was all he needed.   Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

IMG_7521 IMG_7524


And so begins the jumping off point for our new room.

The rest of our bedroom looks like this currently, since we basically just plopped down the furniture on moving day and left it at that…

I think it’s definitely time to lose our current bed frame in exchange for something more simple and masculine to offset the more feminine bedding (Joey’s actually been lobbying for this for a while, thus engaged in major fist-pumping when I broke the news that it was finally time.).  So, we’re gonna sell it (any takers?).  The nightstands may get a little makeover as well.  And the paint color….  Oh, the paint color.   It’s hard to tell from these pics, but in person, it’s straight-up purple.  And it’s dark.  Darker than it appears in this pic.   I really despise it more and more every moment that I spend in this room.   It feels so oppressive to me.    Which just goes to show how colors affect people differently. This color fit the previous owners decor well. And it looked nice with their stuff. But it just isn’t us. The only window in the room isn’t very big in comparison to our last house and the backyard is so shady that the room gets little light most of the time.   Thus, we need a more neutral color in a lighter tone, stat.   I actually already purchased the paint for this room and am getting on that soon…. I’m so totally stoked about it, too.   I’ve mentioned it before, but I LOVE painting walls.   It’s just so therapeutic and satisfying.  Once the room is painted, I can work on the fun stuff… curtains and art and such.

Oh, and let’s not end this post without mentioning this ceiling fan….

Not only is it incredibly ornate and feminine which DEFINITELY doesn’t jive with the sleek, mid-century vibe that we’re going for in this house, apparently the blades were painted….



… but the paint didn’t take.  We’ll be replacing it with another ceiling fan (’cause I mean, it’s Texas).  I  know the design world tends to shy away from ceiling fans (not that I flatter myself to actually think that I’m a part of the design world), but I’m all about attractive-function.   We can find a more stream-lined fan that better suits the feel of the space.   No doubt.

And while we’re on the topic of lighting fixtures…

Boob, be gone!!!   We’ll be replacing this anatomically-correct bugger that’s in the atrium area between the bathroom and closet, as well.

So, that’s the plan.  Stay tuned… I’ll have a paint update for ya soon.  🙂



10 thoughts on “Ask and ye shall receive… (aka: Found an MCM dresser!)

  1. Haha, I love the boob description. You do make me chuckle over here in Blighty! Love the new chest of drawers – it’s come up really well with a bit of polish! I look forward to seeing your new bedstead too!

  2. Loved your post! It was informative & funny as well. Love the new addition to the family too! I see what you mean about that light though… but where is the other one? Don’t they usually come in pairs?

  3. What a fabulous find, Christina! You totally scored. As a fellow Texan, I can relate to the ceiling fan dilemma. It is a necessary evil.

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