Our Eggcelent Hang-out room

It’s been a loooooooong time since we last spoke about the hang-out room.   That’s really because nothing’s happened in there until recently.   If you’ll recall, I left off when I hung our shower-curtains-turned-curtains.  Waste not, want not, right??  And nobody ever catches on that they’re actually hung with shower curtain rings.  That’s totally my definition of success right there. šŸ™‚

So, basically, we were here…

And then we got our midcentury-dresser-turned-media-stand for the living room (I hereby dub this post “hyphenated-turned-hypenated”. It just feels right.) and our old entertainment center was moved into this room.  I never photographed it afterwards because I was physically incapable of being happy enough with the styling experiments conducted on these poor units.  I’m finally in an “okay” place right now, so I’ll show you….

There were also some minor styling changes that I’ve made in the sofa area to help cozy it up a smidge…


Pillows, throw, a basket of magazines, and a tall lamp that I found at Lowe’s for (waitforit) $10 (!!!).  I may paint it, but I haven’t decided yet.   Ignore the blank wall next to the window.  I’m still figuring that one out.

Really, though, the room REALLY started coming to life for me just this last week.  See, every time I looked at the space it seemed… well… very square.  It needed some curvy, organic lines to soften it and make it seem more homey.   And I found them.  Oh, yeah I did.

It all started when I stopped at a resale shop last Thursday.  As I meandered about the store taking in all the goodies, I turned a corner and feasted my eyes upon the most magnificent egg chair I’d ever seen in my entire life (namely because I’ve never actually seen one in person). šŸ˜‰   It was a fantastic chair, though. Sturdy with awesome lines.  And… bonus… it totally rocked and swiveled (THAT, my friends, is what’s known as a Chair with Benefits). The finish was DEFINITELY in need of some serious lovin’.  It was dirty and scratched and damaged, but I didn’t mind that.   Those are issues that I live to tackle (if you haven’t already noticed).   But then, the panic moment… there was no price tag on my magic chair.  Mighty crap.  BUT. There was a “30” marked in pencil on one of the rods.  Curious.  All of the other items in that particular booth had tags… and it’s not like there were a lack of places where a tag could hang on this branchy chair.   So, the ultimate question was… was the chair taken??  Had somebody removed the tag and claimed it??? Or did the seller just mark this item differently??   So, like a completely sane person, I did the most obvious thing.   I walked up to the only other customer in the store and, naturally, asked her if she’d claimed the chair.   Luckily, she was very friendly and laughed like she’d totally been there before, and said that she hadn’t.  So, I found the salesperson and asked her about it (why this wasn’t my first move is beyond me).   Anyhoo, she didn’t know either since it was one of those shops that rents out booths to different individuals, so she called the seller to verify while I finished shopping.  She found me at one point to tell me that she was having trouble reaching him, so I started getting bummed out.  I could feel the pretty little egg chair slipping through my fingers.

Once I was done shopping, I brought my one other find to the counter…

hang out room tv

That little vintage metal box beneath the TV.   The salesperson was on the phone as she rang me up, so I’d planned to just leave my phone number for her to contact me once she’d heard from the seller.

She hung up the phone and stated my total “$36”.

Me: “Wait… How much was the box?  I thought it was only $3!”.

Saleslady: “Yes, you’re right.  It’s $3… your total is the box plus the chair.   I got ahold of him and that IS the price after all.”

I processed this and without thinking about it, initiated instantaneous happy-dance.  Aaaaand she totally laughed at me.   And I couldn’tve cared less.  The egg chair was MINE.   Paid for and mine!  Woot!!

I was so excited that I completely forgot that I hadn’t put makeup on that day and took an ever-popular car-selfie which was immediately posted on social media…

(Hence the filter)

And now, this is the view as you walk down the hall….

egg chair view

Friggin’ gorgeous.  I’m seriously not above referring to this chair as “My Precious” in a creepy Gollum voice.  Don’t tempt me… I’ll totally do it.  I love the pretty chair that much.  I mean, just look at it…

glorious egg chair

I haven’t done anything to the finish yet aside from giving it a good cleaning. I’m still deciding whether to keep it it’s natural color or paint it white.   Something’ll happen soon though, either way.  And in case you’re wondering, the cushion is just a standard chair cushion turned backwards with the curved part facing forward.  It fit like a glove that way.   Like it was born to be apart of a sexy egg chair.  Every cushion’s fantasy.  

So, now I’m brainstorming what to hang next to the window.

hang out room

I’d also love to change out my makeshift “coffee table” for something legit and add an area rug to help tie everything together.  …And a white Moroccan style leather pouf in front of my egg chair for a bit more luxurious TV-watching comfort.

Although, I doubt I’ll ever get to enjoy it.   Lucas has already claimed it as his own….


He’s requested to watch movies in the hang-out room every day since then so he can sit in “his” chair.  And I couldn’t be prouder. šŸ™‚

TDC Before and After

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