So , two lamps walk into a bar…

… yeah…

I have no idea where I was going with that.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog post like that, though, so I can check that item off my bucket list.

There is one thing I DO know.

And that is that you never say no to two brand-spankin’ new $12 lamps.

Especially awesome lamps from Target which include the shades.

$11.98, people!!!

$11.98.  Seriously.  I have no idea where I’ve gotten my shopping luck as of late, but I’m certainly thankful for it.

Anyways, I purchased two lamps with the idea that I’d use them on our red console table in the living room to replace the old Ikea lamps that we’ve had forever.  And while I liked them there…

In person they just weren’t right.

The size and shape were fantastic, but the color.  Meh.  Not Meh in the ugly, boring sense.  Meh in the They Just Dont Make Friends At The Party sense.  Or perhaps, it should be Meh in the They Made TOO Close a Friends At The Party sense.  …Or maybe it’s time that I stop speaking in metaphors and start MAKING sense, eh? 😉

Basically, the bronze tone was too matchy with the painting.  Bam.  Nailed it.

And I don’t do matchy.

Plus, the shades were cream, which looked matches-but-not-really with the white which I REALLY don’t do.

I mean, sure… I could’ve painted them and bought new shades, but in my opinion that totally defeats the purpose of buying two awesomely amazing $12 lamps.  FOR $12!   If they were ugly, okay… I could see it.  But they weren’t.  And that beauty deserved to be celebrated.  So, I set about finding homes for my new children elsewhere.

One ended up on my newly revamped mid-century nightstand in the guest room…

It totally pulls from the gold and bronze tones in the room and since there’s already a mixture of white and cream in the space, the shade totally works and helps pull things together.  The difference between my feeling about cream and white in the living room versus this space is all in how it’s used.  See, there’s no cream in the living room really, so the lamp shades appeared more random and odd-man-out-ish.  In this space, however, there are multiple hints of cream and white all over which makes the combination seem more intentional.  Thus, the shade works in here much better…

The other lamp is now holding down the fort in our bedroom’s “atrium” area…

I switched up the styling here a bit and added a fake succulent plant (also found at Target).

It’s so dark in this area that keeping real plants alive is practically a failed mission before it starts.  Not that I’m ever really good at keeping plants alive. The day that they develop a genetically modified plant that can water itself at the correct frequency is the day that… um… I’ll be really happy.  Not really sure where I was going with that either.  I really shouldn’t write blog posts when I’m sleep-deprived.  Or should I? Is this entertaining for y’all??   (…is anyone still there??)

Anyhoo, for any of you beautiful people who are still suffering though this madness, here’s that side of the room now…


It’s looking way more put together with just the addition of some styling on the dresser.  Amazing how that happens, right??  We still have a long way to go in our bedroom, being that the opposite side still looks like a blank canvas..

There are many empty walls giving me the stink eye at this very moment.

But at least two more areas of our home are looking more spiffy and a smidge more finished with the addition of our new lamps.   So, anyways, our fence is now extended and stained, so hopefully I’ll have an update for y’all on that soon.  I hope everyone has a great rest of your week!  🙂

TDC Before and After

One thought on “So , two lamps walk into a bar…

  1. LOVE the lamps and your re-placements of them! It’s like that lamp was created to go with that side table – perfect! Totally agree with the white-white clashing with the cream — gross.
    And, your sleep-deprived stream of consciousness is very entertaining, especially since you manage to do it without typos and with correct spelling and grammar. Kudos, lady!
    Also, love the faux aloe vera! I too have an aversion to live plants (mostly due to the gnats that invariably show up, probably because I over-water).

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