So, Lucas’s ceiling fan bothered me from the start…

It was pretty chintzy.  Cheap and outdated.   And I wanted it gone.  But with so many other home-related expenses that we had to deal with after moving in, I needed to make this guy work.  For a while anyways.

I figured that I could improve its look by painting the blades white, so after many, many months of procrastinating (but still growling at the ugly light fixture every time I entered the space… I know.  Productive, Christina. ), I finally got around to removing the blades… which is when I discovered that their backsides were ALREADY white.  Jimony Crickets.   I seriously could’ve done this months ago!  So note to you folks out there in Internetland:   Check the top of your fan blades for other possible color options.      You never know what you’ll find.

So anyways, I proceeded to flip the blades over with gusto.  Aaaand the only picture that I could find which proved it was this one…

 See those tiny little white blades barely peeking through the top of the pic??  Yeah.  That’s what I got.  😉

And I was cool.

The fan was way less annoying.   It kind of blended into the ceiling which was fine by me.

And I was at peace.

…which the fan must’ve picked up on, because about a week later it promptly proceeded to crap out on us.   A part that controlled the light broke right off.  Just like that.  And there was nothing we could do to save it.   Dumb fan.

So,this was right around the time that we installed my birthday pendant light in the kitchen.  The plan was to use the ceiling fan from the breakfast nook…

Breakfast nook**(To see updated breakfast nook photos click here) **

… to replace the ridiculously ornate (for our taste) ceiling fan in our master bedroom.  Ya know… the one with the badly painted blades, which to this day contain pieces of the previous owners hair (I’m not touching it! Ew.) ..

But when Lucas’s fan broke, the plan changed.

And now that guy lives in there…

It was probably meant to happen this way.   And I have to admit that as eager as I was to rid our room of the dreaded hair-fan, the breakfast nook fan goes way better in Lucas’s room.  It pretty much matches his updated bed to a T…

And since we’re here, I give you an updated wide shot (well, as wide as my camera will allow) from the doorway…

And his desk area…


So, that’s my story of a free fan swaperoo that totally floats my boat.   We still have more to do on Lucas’s room, but we’re slowly, step-by-step getting closer to the finish.

Aside from this little switch, I’ve actually gotten a bunch of smaller decor projects done lately.  I just need to get them photographed and posts written.  I’m ESPECIALLY excited about some recent changes to our foyer (excited giggle!).  So, stay tuned for that!   🙂

TDC Before and After

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