November DIY Challenge: Wood Slice Tray

Howdy all!   Today I have a fun treat for you guys… remember The Great Crate Challenge that I participated in a few months ago??   Well, this month, I’m partnering with some of the same amazing bloggers, plus a few more for another fun challenge!   It was the same premise as last time, but this go-around, the required material was wood slices!


Mission: Just make something with them

This was the only rule.

Now, I’ll be honest… I had no idea what to create.  I meandered around The store for what seemed like forever, just pacing the aisles.   Staring at all of the glorious craft supplies with nary an idea to be found.  After about 45 minutes, I began losing hope and thinking of all of the cookies that I could be consuming at that very moment.  Which is when this wood slice magically appeared before me…


It wasn’t the traditional round shape, which I liked.  The squareness and cleaner lines definitely were more my bag.   And that’s when it happened.   This very special little wood slice and my undying love for trays joined forces.  And I realized that not only would I make a tray… I already had everything else I needed at home!  It was my very own Dorothy-Wizard-of-Oz moment.  If I’d only had my ruby slippers the entire time.   So, I adopted this badboy and took him home.

Now, remember that awesome hardware that I used on my children Brightey Whitey cabinets??   And how I mentioned that they came in a 6-pack, but I’d only used four for that project??  Well, never have I been so happy to have excess materials.  Those pulls were PERFECT!   I began the drawer pull installation by marking the center of the wood slice…


Then, I used this handy-dandy tool to mark where my holes would go (for a detailed tutorial on installing drawer pulls click here)….


And I drilled….


Which was followed by an epic Womp!Womp! when I realized that I’d marked the center incorrectly on one side, thus my holes were off by a good half-inch.   Oy.   I know that I should’ve known better than that… “Measure twice, drill once, Christina. Sheesh!”, but alas, I got cocky.  Note: NEVER get cocky.  It’ll never cease to bite you in the rear…


Fortunately, the metal pulls hid my mistake without my having to take further action, so I was good to go.  Total happy accident, for sure.   Next, I taped off the raw wood edges, and applied two thin and even coats of white paint with an eggshell finish…


And I attached my drawer pulls.  You can see the tray at this point in time in the shot below.  I liked it well enough as it was, but ultimately decided that it needed a little something extra.  A bit of pizazz, if you will.  After tossing around ideas like our initials and such, I decided to go with something more organic and personal.   Lucas’s hand-print.   I simply spread some blue craft paint on a paper plate…


Stamped Lucas’s hand in it and applied his hand-print to the tray in an off-center orientation…


Which left this…


IMG_7719 IMG_7724

Not too shabby for a total cost of around $10 (The wood slice with a 30% off coupon), eh?   I’m really happy with it and almost a little surprised at how much I love it.    And I adore that Lucas got to be involved.  It’s now not just a simple DIY project, it’s a keepsake.    I plan to write the date and Lucas’s age on back so I’ll never forget.  If you plan to use the tray for beverages or anything moist, be sure to seal it with three thin coats of Polycrylic.   The crystal clear formula will ensure that the white paint wont yellow.  I haven’t done this yet, as I’m only using it for decorative (read: dry) purposes, but I plan on on sealing it to be sure that Lucas’s hand-print is forever preserved.

Update: I forgot to mention when I published this post that this will be a monthly challenge, so tune in the second Wednesday of every month!!!  December’s item will be clear glass ornaments.  I’d better get that thinking cap on… 🙂

So, that’s my wood slice project!  Now, check out the awesome projects created by my fellow bloggers…

TDC Before and After

Tray Bien (plus some Mexican stuff)

Hey guys! Long time no blog!

As mentioned in my last post, we spent the past week on a much needed vacation in Mexico. Joey and I traveled sans kiddo for our first real vacation in five years (HUGE thanks to our amazing parents for wrangling Lucas for us in our absence).  I’m sure it goes without saying that the vacation was just what the doctor ordered.  I mean, laying on the beach at an all-inclusive just can’t be bad no matter how ya slice it.  The original plan was for us to return on Thursday and for me to post on Friday. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), my plan was quickly (or not so quickly) derailed after we spent eight hours at the Cancun airport due to delays only to have our flight home cancelled. So, we ended up having to spend an extra night in Mexico.  At first we were pretty irate and so disappointed that we wouldn’t be smooshing Lucas’s face with kisses until the following day. Then, they announced that the airline was taking our entire flight to spend the night at the resort we had just come from. Which was amazing. Seriously, I can’t recommend the Dreams Riviera Cancun enough if you’re looking for a place to go.  We were delivered to the hotel around 7:30 pm, so we still had time for dinner before bedtime, which ended up being a fun meal spent with some cool new friends whom we would have never met had our flight not been cancelled. So, in the end, it was okay. Here is a little sneak peak…

And in case you’re wondering where Lucas gets his silly picture-posing skills, please allow me to enlighten you…

IMG_5274   IMG_5380 IMG_5381 IMG_5389 IMG_5396

This is what’s known as “pulling a Joey”. When we were dating, I was once forced to frame a picture of him biting my head.  It was the most serious pic I could find at the time.   He is handsome, though, no?  😉

Anyhoo, we are now back, safe and sound.  Woo-hoo!   So, onward!

And today we’re talkin’ trays….

Yep.  Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve developed a thing for trays somewhere along the way. I can’t help it. They’re so useable. “It looks cluttered”. Put it on a tray. “It looks lost”. Put it on a tray, “Needs more style”. Put it on a tray. “Needs more function”. Put it on a tray. Really… wine, coffee, and trays could solve the worlds problems.  Just sayin’.

I currently have a few trays going right now. Like here…


(actually there are two in this pic… can you spot ’em?)  And here we have the tray that I altered with a bit of fabric and Mod Podge….


And now two more have come into my possession. I visited a few thrift stores several weeks ago and finished off the day spending a grand total of $4.15 (plus tax) for both of these beauties.  This one was $3.15…

And I paid a whopping dollar for this hot pink, preteen gem…

I know. They’re not much to look at now, but just wait…  Spray-paint swoops in at lightning speed and saves the day (Somebody get that can a cape!).   Anyways, this gal got the oil-rubbed bronze treatment….

Aaaand she is a teeny-bopper no more….

IMG_5143 IMG_5150 IMG_5155 IMG_5157

She’s now rustic and textural.

Then, my holiday-spirited guy got a coat of classic white spray-paint for versatility, along with a good caulking along the seams…


(It was windy and a losing battle when I caulked, which is why the seam looks dusty.   It cleaned up perfectly in the end.)   Anyways, I’m pretty sure that white trays are the gift that keeps on giving. They can be used anywhere to add a smidge of class and style since they pretty much go with everything. For example…


So, what do ya think? Not bad for just over $12 total, eh?  It was $4.15 for the trays and 8 bucks for the oil-rubbed bronze spray paint (of which I still have a bunch left). The white spray-paint I already had. And now I have two more tray-loves to add to my repertoire.  Oh, how I love trays.