Second Vase

The other morning I woke up to a super sweet surprise. Flowers from the hubs. We don’t usually make a big deal of traditional holidays like Valentine’s Day, but he’s great at bringing home “just because” flowers every so often. Those are my favorite kind of flowers, anyways.

I forgot to take a before shot (I know, wake up, newbie blogger!! Geez.), but it was a cheerful mixed bouquet of lilies and roses. I decided to split the bouquet to share the pretty amongst the house. So, I started walking around in search of vases. Then, I remembered these….


They’re leftover Belgian beer bottles, the contents of which Joey enjoyed a few years ago. I really liked the bottles, so I washed them out and saved them. And then I forgot about them. Until this day, anyways. I thought the lilies might look cool in them. So, I simply cut each stem down a bit, filled the bottles with water and stuck one lily stalk into each vase. ….And Im pretty sure they rock my world.




The contrast of earthy, masculine bottles with delicate, girly pink flowers make me smile.

So, with the lilies happy in their new homes, I needed a plan for the roses. There were only four blooms, so I wanted something somewhat small so the vase wouldn’t look too empty. I ended up using the base of a stainless steel martini shaker. Since we do use the shaker upon occasion, I decided to line it with a plastic solo cup.


I filled it with water, cut down the roses and stuck them in there. I stacked the arrangement on top of two wooden carved bowls to give it a bit more presence. And here they are, chillin’ out in our kitchen….



So, there you have colorful flowers and makeshift vases. I love how they cheer up the space and add color and texture. Fun, fun, fun. 🙂


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