These little lights of mine

…we’re gonna let ’em shine!

You might notice a few similarities between this pic, taken when we found our mid-century dresser


…and this pic of our foyer


…and this pic from way back in my very first post….


Yup, the lamps have migrated.  They started in our bedroom, but recently became estranged when a pair of new luminous pals joined the fam.   I’ve been wanting new bedside lamps for quite some time, but just continued to put it off as they were lower priority items.

Then, we visited The Mothership (Ikea).

We originally went in search of new window treatments for Lucas’s room.  Aaaaand we ended up leaving sans window treatments, but with all this…


Darn you, Mothership and all your tempting treats.  Love you, though.  Really, I do.

Among this plethora of goods were two stainless steel barometer lamps.  As soon as I saw them, I knew.  They were industrial, but with an Old World-ish feel.  Perfect.  And at $29.99 a pop, the price was right.  So, we adopted them.

And here they are, in action….






They add so much more style than the previous lamps.   And functionality-wise they’re much better.  They provide light, but they don’t illuminate the entire room as brightly as their predecessors did, which works well when one of us wants to sleep while the other is reading.   So, Ikea once again, rushes in for the win.

As I took pics of our bedroom for this post, I noticed evidence of my recently acquired mixed-metal-bug running rampant throughout the room.  I’ve seen this trend more on Pinterest lately and various design blogs and I really like it.  The mix of brass, stainless, and oil-rubbed bronze totally float my boat.   All three finishes are scattered throughout our master bedroom (and our living room as well, now that I think about it).  And I feel that as long as they’re distributed throughout the room in a purposeful way to make it look intentional, it works out okay.

For example, we have the brass hardware on our dresser with the stainless lamp and oil-rubbed bronze curtain rod…


Our new stainless laps, clock, and brass hardware.  Which is next to our black/oil rubbed bronzish metal bed frame…


Also, the stainless lamps with gold pillow…


Mixing is fun.   For sure.  Anyways, our master bedroom is definitely on its way, but not there yet.  Drex (aka. our new dresser) has made the other side of the room pop just as we’d hoped, but he’s also succeeded in making our old veneered cd-racks-turned-nightstands pale in comparison.   Proper nightstands are in order at some point, as well as a few other areas, accessories and wall hangings that need finding/tending to.  Good times.  And I mean that literally. 🙂


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