A little glitz outside

So, I finally threw out the squishy pumpkins on our doorstep. Ick. And now our porch is slightly more Santa-ready. Not that he uses the porch or anything. But if he wanted to, I wouldn’t be completely embarrassed. At least we’re in the right season now.

Remember my homemade frame wreath?


I’ve been wanting to glitz it up for Christmas, well, practically since I made it. I originally had grander plans, but in the interest of time, I decided to simple it down somewhat.

I have to say… So far, my wreath has lasted pretty well. My only complaints are 1. It’s slightly crooked. We need to get some Command Velcro wall-hanging strips to keep the frame level since the burlap side tends to hang lower than the non-burlap side. But, honestly, I haven’t been bothered by it enough to have done it up to this point. And 2. Over time, the burlap began to droop a smidge. I could easily reloop the burlap to make it poofier since it’s simply tied on with twine, but I haven’t gotten around to that either.  I’ll do it eventually, though.  Actually, these are probably more observations than complaints now that I think about it.  Real complaints might prompt me to actually DO something about them.

So, anyways, here it is….

IMG_2787 IMG_2786

…And now that I’m adding pictures to this post, I’m realizing just how much the burlap has drooped.  I’d better get on that soon.   Anyhoo, I found the glittery snowflake at Walmart for $3 (It’s the same as my window snowflakes), and simply tied it to the frame with some shiny red ribbon that I had on hand. Then, I added a few ornaments for a little zing. I flanked the door with our white Ikea pots filled with fake poinsettias and added some shimmery curly twigs for interest…

IMG_2793 IMG_2790

Over by the rocker, I first filled a small ivory and green pot with red ornaments. Super simple and easy.


Then, I realized that the live wreath sent to us by Joey’s sweet grandparents needed to be displayed prominently.  I LOVE the annual live wreaths they send us, but unfortunately, we can’t hang them inside (like I really want to) because I’m allergic.   That’s right.  I’m allergic to live Christmas trees and the like.  They give me crazy-intense, sharp sinus headaches which almost feel like migraines.  Weird, huh?    Anyways, since our frame wreath is already taking up residence on our door, I decided to use the live wreath here….

IMG_2879 IMG_2881 Who doesn’t like a little Oregon greenery to liven up their doorstep???   I love how the rustic greens really make the glittery red ornaments pop.   Thank you bunches, Annie and Poppo!!  We love our wreath, as always!!  🙂

We decided to forgo lights this year with everything that’s gone on.  Christmas shopping needs to be completed first.  And prep for Lucas’s birthday party (..which is tomorrow. Yikes!!).  I know. I’m behind.  Next year, I’ll be on it, though (Stop. Laughing).

So anyways, how is y’all’s Holiday shopping going? Anybody done?


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