Flower power!

For Valentine’s day, my men gave me a beautiful bouquet of lilies. I love lilies. They were the first flower Joey ever gave me. So, I was super excited when I got home from work and discovered Vanna Lucas gracefully waving his arms at the “bootyful fowlers we gotcha”. Love that kid. And his daddy’s not bad, either. ūüėČ

In true “me” fashion I couldn’t leave the gorgeous blooms in their simple glass vase. I’ve blogged before about a few simple vase ideas in this post… One of my first posts, actually! ¬†Basically, when it comes to selecting a flower receptacle (Eh? Eh? Impressed with my vocabulary yet??), I like to do a walk-through… Just wander through the house until I see something that I can use as a vase. This time, I landed on an orange metal milk jug. I simply stuck the original glass vase right inside the jug and set it on the kitchen island for a splash of color.

And here she blows….





I really love fresh flowers. They just add so much life and color and happiness. And I love the combo of earthy milk jug and delicate flowers. So fun!

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