The Porta-Potty

I kid, I kid.   It’s not portable.   But, it is a tiny room with a toilet …


Literally. They call it a “half bath”.  But, I’d like to know where the rest of it is.   Oh wait, it’s in the laundry room.  The bathroom itself is only big enough for a commode. You have to wash your hands in the work sink in the laundry room.  Small price to pay for a decent pool bath, though.   I think it’ll function really well for this purpose when it warms up again.  It’s close to two of the entrances to the backyard and is wholly surrounded by tile which pretty much quadruples it’s useful-quotient. But still… a room with a toilet only.  Iiinteresting (taps fingers together)….

When it comes to decor, it’s a total blank slate.   Last year a pipe froze and burst in the attic above, requiring the previous owners to basically rebuild this portion of the house.  They simply sheet-rocked this little toilet room and (muchtomydismay) painted it the same dark purple tone as the master bedroom (before I painted it grey). While purple isn’t exactly my cup o’ tea, I thought I’d at least try to make it work before taking the plunge and painting it myself.  I mean, it’s a teeny room that I don’t spent much time in, so I figured that maybe the color would be more tolerable in this setting.  I decided to accessorize the space and then objectively reevaluate the color.

Among other things, the room is desperately lacking in storage.   Up to this point, we’d just been stacking toilet paper on top of the precariously rounded toilet lid… not the best of plans, especially being that the flush buttons are also on the lid.   It made for a toilet tissue Slip-n-Slide of epic proportions.   So, being the “use what I got” person that I am, I took stock and realized that the shelves that were in Lucas’s old room would fit perfectly above the toilet. Thus, I proceeded to install both shelves (ALLBYMYSELF! WOOT!)…

…then I tossed around some accessories that I already had.

I liked having a mirror up there to bounce light around, but wasn’t digging the dark frame.  In person, it felt very heavy.  So, I taped that sucker up with painters tape (we’re friends now, remember?) and plastic wrap and gave it several thin and even coats of spray paint in matte white…

And I ended up here….

In hindsight, I probably should’ve restocked the toilet paper in the basket before snapping pics.  But, that’s okay.   The shelving now allows space to PUT toilet paper, which is a vast improvement from the previous situation.  So, that’s enough to make up for it in my eyes.  I’m really liking the mix of white, black, green, and natural wood… not to mention, the stainless/gold mixed metals.    I still need to get an actual toilet paper dispenser for the wall so that that awful toilet bracket can hit the road (P.S. that isn’t ours… it was left by the sellers. So, uh, yeah. It’s gotta go.  Something about using somebody elses attached-to-the-toilet-paraphernalia gives me the heebie jeebies.).

As for the paint color… Seriously, ya’ll. I’m trying. I’m REALLY trying. But, I just can’t do it. I really can’t.  It needs to change. So, I’ll be changing it. It feels way too traditional for my taste. I need a lighter, brighter, more modern-feeling hue to blow my skirt up. So, now this room is definitely on my “to paint” list.   I was tossing around the idea of a soft aqua-blue tone.  I thought it might feel nice and beachy given that this is a pool bath.   What color do y’all think I should paint it?

TDC Before and After