Hey, throw me a throw!

I feel grown up.

I purchased my first throw blanket.


¬†Are you impressed? ūüėČ

Haha! ¬†Seriously, I know it’s not a big deal to most… But to me?? ¬†Big Deal.

As resident cheapo in this establishment, I’ve always had issues buying things like this because I felt that they weren’t a necessity. ¬†I’ve always admired them, though. ¬† I’ve wistfully gazed¬†at gorgeous pics on Pinterest and my favorite blogs and noted¬†these chic throws which, I’ll admit… I pretty much drooled over. ¬† Then, I wondered what they cost, ’cause let’s face it. ¬† Throw blankets can be pricey.

Time and time again, I’d carry a pretty throw around a store. ¬† Let it sit in my cart for an undetermined amount of time as I mulled over whether to part with my precious dough in exchange for this beauteous¬†piece of fabric. ¬†And always. ¬†I put it back. ¬†Returned it to the shelf. ¬†The guilt over spending money over something extraneous won out. ¬†Every.time.

Now, I’ll admit… I have a few throw blankets. ¬†They’re all hand-me-downs though. ¬†And none¬†really suit our home as it is now. ¬†So, I’ve coveted the newbies. ¬†But never allowed myself the pleasure of actually buying one.

Until now.


I found this throw on clearance for $13 at Target.  And I was sold.  The perfect color with just enough pattern at a STEAL of a price.  Done.  It goes swimmingly in our bedroom.   The perfect compliment to our freshly painted chair and Target-inspired bench



I love how throws are like the trays of seating.

Need color?  Add a throw.


Need texture?  Add a throw.


Need softness??  Add a throw.


Need to camouflage greasy toddler fingerprints?? Add a throw.


A good throw can add style and texture to any room in a very non-permanent, changeable way.   Switch it up, leave it be.   Whatever floats your boat.

So, I did it. ¬†I added a throw. ¬†And I’m not looking back.


I. Heart. You. Throw. (kisses)

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