Blinded by the light

So, we FINALLY got around to installing our new porch light (severalweeksago.).    It’s actually the same porch light we installed in our last house.  We liked it so much that we went ahead and purchased it again.


We love the industrial look and seeded glass.   And the price tag. Not gonna lie.

Joey installed it…


And this happened…


Yes, Lucas danced with a bucket on his head for a good 5 minutes while humming an original tune.   It was greatness.  And I became exceedingly grateful that I wasn’t the one installing the light fixture.  I probably would have dropped it due to uncontrolled laughter.

And here she blows…


A small, easy and inexpensive change that we’re really happy with.  A little before and current action…



Obviously, this was done last month per the decorations.  I’ve just been a bit behind in writing my posts.   And yes, our porch still looks like this.  And yes, the mums are dead.  And no, I have not removed them.  And no, I’m not ashamed of this.

So, how bout you guys? And dead flowers adorning your doorstep? Any fun, new changes that make a big difference?


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