I see a light…

Or two.

Yes, definitely two.

Alright, my friends.   This post may not come as much of a shock if you follow me on Instagram since I already spilled the photographic beans over there.  But, I know that it may be new to some, and I wanted to share the details of these changes, as well as the process that I went through to achieve both functional and pretty lighting.

Let’s start with the most welcome swaperoo I’ve made so far…


I know, right???   No more boob light!!!!

foyer 2

SO much better…

This little beaut is the Scout 3 Light Flushmount from AllModern and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it.  It was $118 and when I purchased it they didn’t charge me for tax or shipping.  I’m not sure if this deal exists all the time or if I just happened to catch a promotion that they were offering, but I was grateful nonetheless.

When this guy arrived, I was ecstatic.   He’s great quality… solid.  And he looks it, too.   I was actually MORE enamored with him in person than I was when I saw him online which is always a good thing.    I’d initially wanted to try a semi-flushmount in this space for more of a “grand chandelier” feel, but our ceilings are just too low for that.   I’m really glad we went with this one.   It adds style and nice, bright light without being cumbersome.

Here’s a “before” of the space when we moved in for reference.  Remember when our old front door just fell right off??? …


And here’s a “before” of the other direction which shows El Boob in all it’s glory…


And now…


And that’s Lucas perfecting his “Oh, I didn’t realize you were taking a picture” pose.   He literally walked over as I was taking pics and froze with that “surprised” expression on his face long enough to allow the slightly longer exposure to capture it (it was pretty cloudy when I took this).  Dude knows what he’s doing.  Haha!

Here’s a Lucas-free shot of the same view…


I still have to address the wall directly across from the door (not shown), but aside from that, the foyer is slowly getting close to completion.

Now, onto the other new member of the fam…  My pride and joy of the illumination world: Sputnik….



Did I say obsessed?

Yes, definitely obsessed.

How does it feel to be the prettiest gal in the room, Sputnik?

This baby is the Style Selections 18-Light Brushed Nickel Chandelier from Lowe’s.  And it was a steal at $198 plus tax considering that it came with 18 Edison bulbs which typically run about $7-10 each.

But wait… There are no Edison bulbs to be seen, right??

Well, allow me to explain.

After we installed the chandelier, we screwed in the Edison bulbs that came with it and turned it on.  And BOY… were we blinded by the light.  Literally.  And we were hot.   And not in a good way.   Lemme tell ya, EIGHTEEN 60-watt bulbs within close proximity feels a bit like being a hair to close to the sun.   That was a TON of wattage to be just mere feet away. We quickly realized that there was no way we’d be able to host comfortable dinner parties with the current bulbs installed.  NO WAY.

It was a total bummer.

And Joey and I stared at each other in sadness.

So, the next day, I went to Lowes and purchased a bunch of 25-watt globe bulbs in both clear and white, which was the lowest wattage I could find.  I put both in to see which was better (as shown in this iphone pic)….

And I LOVED the clear bulbs when the fixture was off.  They were just so elegant and gorgeous.  I even liked their round shape better than the elongated Edison bulbs in this space.  The white bulbs were a bit too “mod” for what I was going for and the stark white color of the bulbs made the other white in the room look dirty.  And I don’t do dirty white.  Dirty martinis, yes.  Dirty white, no.

The problem was…

…once the fixture was on, even the 25-watt clear bulbs (at less than half the wattage of the Edison bulbs) were still too blinding.   That filament was harsh on the retinas for sure, leaving you seeing spots after glancing directly at them.  The white bulbs, on the other hand, were easy to look at and much better tolerated when lit.

I was SO torn.   I REALLY didn’t want the white bulbs, but they seemed to be the most practical option function-wise.  And what’s the point of a pretty fixture if it impedes function?

So, I slept on it.

For about 7 nights.

Then, it hit me!  A dimmer!!!!  We’d install a dimmer switch which would allow us to use the clear bulbs and have control over the light!!!

So, we installed this one…


I’m wanting to say it was about $30 from Home Depot.

And all was right with the world.   I could keep my clear bulbs, but the fixture was no longer blinding since we could adjust the light as needed.  Total win-win.

And now we’re set in terms of Edison bulbs until the END OF TIME.   We have several fixtures that need them, so they’ll be used.  Eventually.

Here’s a view of the dining space looking into the living room…


And a “before” shot of this view (because I can’t resist)…


And a “before” of the opposite view…


And now…


That fixture is my new favorite thing.   I couldn’t love it more.   Now, if I could just find a rug for this space.  I’m on the hunt but haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for yet.  Hopefully the shopping gods will bestow one on me shortly.

So, that’s where these spaces are currently and it’s safe to say that they’re feeling more like us day by day.

For some reason, lighting is always the last change we make, but it always seems to make the biggest difference.    What are your experiences??

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Don’t change your paint, change your light bulb

Howdy, guys!  How goes it on this lovely Tuesday?  Today, I thought I’d share what’s going on in our our teeny pool-bath.

Last we left off, I’d added shelves and accessorized a bit

As grateful as I am to have a pool bath, I wasn’t exactly feeling it in the state you see above in all it’s purpleness.  Don’t get me wrong… purple’s a fine color.  It’s just… this particular shade of purple affected my mood.  NO JOKE.  I felt cranky when I stared at it.  It just wasn’t my jam.

Well, now, I’m happy to report that I’ve rid the space of purple and brought it back to a blank slate so that I can get going on the light, bright, and fun pool-bath that I have in mind.  I mentioned in this post that I had to repaint this room several times in order to get it right.   Ya see, in my mission to paint the room in a light and airy tone, I went a little TOO light.  The result was a washed out minty green color.  Observe…

I was looking for more of a teal, and somehow, despite the appearance of the color swatch, it just didn’t turn out that way.  Plus, it appeared much more yellow than expected due to the lighting in the space.   Luckily, since the room is so tiny, it had only taken me a little over an hour to paint it, so I decided to try again.  But, this time I vowed to spend zero dollars.  Since I have so many partial gallons of paint in the garage from various projects over the years (and really, none of these hold enough paint to do anything significant with them), I decided to mix my own color….



I took my minty green base and and added in navy blue, and several different greys and greens until I came up with this greyish teal…


Again, it looks super green because of the lighting as you can see in this shot of the completed room…

… but honestly, it took me a while to figure out that the lighting was the culprit.   I just kept coming back to the space and staring at it.  IT.WAS.JUST.SO.GREEN.  A completely different color than the paint appeared in any other light.  But, I refused to paint it again.  Not a third time.  No.WAY.  Then, I realized that not only did the PAINT appear more yellow than intended, but the bright white DOOR seemed yellow as well.  And that’s when the cables connected and I realized that it was the lighting.  I opened the fixture and realized that the energy-efficient bulbs were “soft white” which tends to cast a more yellow hue.   So, I went online, searched for my bulbs in “cool white” which casts more of a bluish tone, and found this guy…


(from Amazon)

I love this picture.  Isn’t it other-worldly??  As if the bulb comes complete with it’s own magic light-beams and “angel’s singing” theme song???  Heehee!   Sold by this heavenly depiction, I ordered two and installed them a few days later when they arrived in the mail.

And here’s the room with my new cool bulbs (Note: both shots were taken in “Auto Mode” on my camera)…

HUGE difference, right??!!!  Not only is the wall color more blue, the white fixtures, door, and trim now read as the crisp white that they were meant to be.  I have to say that this is exactly the color I was seeking for my fun, colorful pool bath!   A bright, pretty turquoise.   I thought I might even extend pops of this color into the laundry room by painting the vanity or possibly my don’t-own-it-yet-mirror.   That simple, easy, and inexpensive light bulb change saved me from a third paint job.  I’m SO completely digging the color now.   I’ve also decided to not reinstall the white shelves that were in the space before.   I’m definitely adding back shelves for storage, but they’ll be a different style.   I’ll let ya’ll know when I get around to that project for sure.   In the meantime, I’ve been working (slowly) on other parts of the house, namely the dining room, so I’ll update you soon.

Anyways, I hope y’all have a terrific day!   Do any of you have any other tips or tricks for maximizing your paint color?  Or have y’all ever been in the situation of “paint color regret”?  How did you solve it?  Did you repaint? Change your decor? Your light bulb?

TDC Before and After