Barn light is up!

Finally, a small bit of bathroom progress! Woo-hoo!!  I had this grandiose idea that I’d have the bathroom painted by now, but alas, fate had other plans.  I got sick last week and did nothing instead. Dumb Texas weather. If only Mother Nature would decide between 20 and 70 degrees and stick with one for a while (*coughcough* 70).  Maybe then we’d all stop getting sick.  Anyways, back to business….

We began our bathroom makeover here, when we painted our tile bath surround.  And now, we’ve moved onto lighting.   We started out with this plain-ish builders light…

IMG_3098 IMG_3096

Functional and bright, but not really our style. So, we picked out this guy as a replacement…

Portfolio Ellicott 13-1/8-in H Galvanized Dark Sky Outdoor Wall Light

My parents bought it for us for Christmas.  They got it at Lowe’s.    And I love it.   I’ve noticed that using outdoor fixtures indoors has become kind of a trend lately, and I totally jumped on the bandwagon.   I’m really digging the more industrial, rustic look.

Joey is the resident light-fixture-installer in our household, so he got on it. The installation process went a little slower than usual because the old fixture was literally mounted on drywall alone. There was a large hole in the drywall with two smaller holes beside it, thus, nothing to mount the new fixture to.  To rectify this, Joey fabricated a solid surface on which to mount the fixture by screwing a piece of scrap wood to the stud within the larger hole.


And then he mounted the fixture to the wood. I used this stuff…


…to fill these smaller holes beside the fixture…


I just gummed the spackle in there with my finger and let it dry (this stuff turns white when dry which is convenient).


Then, I applied a second coat with my finger and did my best to match the rough texture of the walls. I’ve learned not use a spackling knife or trowel when patching smaller holes because they create smooth textures, which scream “HEY! I’M A PATCH!” next to our rough walls.

Here’s the new barn light once all was said and done…

IMG_3738 IMG_3734 IMG_3743

Ignore the splotch of brown in the mirrors reflection. That was a test paint that I tried back when I was still attempting to make the old tile work. It was hidden by towels before, but I recently took down all wall hangings to prep for paint. So, there it is. For all to see.

I have to say that I’m really glad I waited to choose a paint color until our barn light was installed. The lighting change was DRAMATIC. I expected it to be different since I knew we were going from four bulbs to one, but it still surprised me. At first, I thought it was too dark, but I really like it now. Before, the bathroom was so glaringly bright and now it’s a softer more pleasant atmosphere.

So, now I’m still on the hunt for a shower curtain and then will be choosing the exact paint color (since it’s easier to coordinate paint color to a fabric than vice versa). But at least I’m happy to report a wee bit o’ progress. 🙂


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