Did you lose a bracelet?

Hey guys!  This is a post that was requested by my dad.   I’ve posted about it on my personal Facebook page previously, and although my status was shared by several friends and family members, we were unable to locate the rightful owner.  My dad thought that also discussing it on my blog would help to reach more people (perhaps a soldier who is now overseas, etc.).  So, here’s the story….

For those who don’t know, we lost my brother SST Alex Viola in Afghanistan last year.  I posted about it here, here, and here.


Well, about a six weeks ago, my parents received a random call from a lovely woman in Hawaii.   She explained that she’d been scuba diving off of the coast of Wailea and had found one of my brother’s memorial bracelets on the floor of the ocean.

It’s a bracelet that looks like this…


She read the bracelet, realized what it was, and thought that whoever lost it might want it back, especially with the one year anniversary fast approaching.  She researched Alex, and enlisted her coworkers to help locate my parents so that the bracelet could be sent back to it’s rightful owner.  My parents now have the bracelet and have continued to stay in touch with this wonderful lady.   What a crazy way to meet someone, right??

So, our question is… did any of you lose a bracelet in Hawaii??? 

We’d really appreciate it if ya’ll would share this with anyone who might be or know the bracelet’s owner.   Thanks, y’all!  And have a very Merry Christmas!!


6 thoughts on “Did you lose a bracelet?

  1. I will share with our friends in Hawaii.
    See if his unit has a Facebook page, most do especially the FRG, then post there as well.
    Hopefully, you can find the owner, or maybe it was meant to find its way to your family.

  2. Christina,
    Mason Here. Alex and I trained together in Dallas prior to BUD’s in San Diego. We made the awesome drive to OCS and continued our experience to San Diego. We were roommates for two years in our wonderful home in imperial beach. During that time he introduced me to my wife. Once we went different routes we continued to talk to each other about our experiences. I have been unable to return to Texas due to work. Is there anyway I could purchase a memorial bracelet such as the one above?

    • Thanks so much, Mike! I know, it’s a pretty crazy story. Weirdly enough, my mom had asked for a sign that he was okay that morning. Guess she got it. I do hope that whoever lost it isn’t embarrassed… The lady said that it looked like it had been yanked off whoever’s arm it was on. She said one side was straight and the other curved, like maybe it had gotten caught on something. Anyways, thanks for spreading the word.

  3. I never met your brother. But I have read the posts about him from my friends in Destin and others. He must have been an amazing man. He continues to touch people even though he is gone. What a legacy. How many of us will be able to say the same? Not many. Prayers to you and all who loved him.

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