Lucas’s desk area and a little easy bed-tweak

Howdy guys!!   So, Lucas’s room has experienced a few tweaks since last we spoke.  And seriously ya’ll.   I spent almost no money.  I purchased a little picture-hanger thingie for around $4 and the rest I already owned.   I always feel so accomplished when that happens.   It helps un-junk our other spaces and gives items new lives in the process.

So anyways, the last time I showed you his room I’d just revamped his new bed

And if you’ll recall, a fan of the wooden drawer handles I was not…

They just felt a bit too “little boy room” for my taste.   So, I simply swapped them out for some pewter metal drawer pulls that were given to us by a friend who was getting rid of them…

And these beautiful little metal bundles of glory made all the difference.  I love swaps like this that take 5 minutes, very little money, and make a big impact.   Now, the bed feels more modern and less “lodge-y”.  Success is mine!

Now, for the desk portion of the room.  If you’ll recall, it started off here…


And now is here…

All it took was some of that leftover gorgeous grey paint on the walls (Driftwood Grey by Glidden mixed at 75% saturation), and some navy blue oops paint behind the desk area.   I also swapped out the white ceramic drawer pulls on the desk for stained nickel versions.   And really, it’s not done yet.  I’d like to add some lighting and possibly some pattern behind the shelves, and either revamp his chair, or get a new, more funky chair.  Plus, I’d like to style the shelves differently once I get his room more organized.   It’ll all come together with time.  This, I’ve learned.   Ideas grow with time.   I am Yoda.

Here’s what that side of the room looks like with the door closed…

Behind his door, I hung some awesome art created by my mother-in-law Mac, then I added a neat, white cork-board/picture-hanger thingie that I found on clearance at Target.  From that, I hung a Ninja Turtle bulls-eye game that Lucas got for his birthday.   Instant “game-zone” if you ask me…

My last tweak in his room (for now) was adding curtains.   These are the same curtains from his room in our last house…


Just cheap, simple white Vivian curtains from Ikea (I hadn’t hemmed them yet in this shot).   I’m considering changing them out for curtains with a subtle pattern. Perhaps a grey on white or something to add interest without being too distracting.   For now, though, they work.  And they’re free, so they’re hanging.   Eventually, we will see.  Patience I must have. #Yodaknows

So, that’s where Lucas’s room is at now.   I still have some wall-art projects I’d like to get to for above his bed and dresser.  And I’d like to spray paint the weirdly-colored blades on his ceiling fan.   Plus, organization.  Oh, the organization.   So, with that, I dub this post: To be continued…

TDC Before and After

7 thoughts on “Lucas’s desk area and a little easy bed-tweak

  1. I like what you did for your son’s room. As he grows, it will service him well, doesn’t look like a “little boy’s” room. As for the drapery, depending on what the fabric is, I have seen drapes with color blocks stamped on the hemline and upwards. The person used square sponges, probably 5 inches by 7 inches, and using a variety of colors, made a row across the bottom, adding a second and third row randomly across. You could do much the same thing, except with the colors in his room, including a few accent colors, such as picking up a main color on his bed, or in the art works on the walls. Anyway, that’s what I would do if I had a son at home! ;-}

  2. Hi,I just found you yesterday, but I love your site!My thoughts are: 1. the curtains look fine ‘puddled’ on the floor, if you don’t feel like shortening them.They’re free, so if you just want to add somethingto break up the white, how about hand sewing some big wooden buttons along the top or bottom hems, every few feet, or hand sewing some ribbon/cord along either of those hems.
    2.. Is there a tutorial for the wall hanging your MIL made?

    • Thanks, Polly! Those are great ideas for the curtains! I especially love the ribbon idea. 🙂 I don’t have a tutorial for the art, but I know that she basically decoupaged the entire thing using Mod Podge and scraps from magazines and various premade letters. There are many layers of words and letters on the canvas. It’s pretty cool and sculptural up close. Maybe I’ll have to recreate something like it in the future. 🙂

  3. Sorry,I can’t seem to stop commenting:)I love the desk/hutch area- so private, and, if he chooses, has the organization to stay neat. Can you tell where you got that stuff and the 2 white bookcases on the other wall?

    • Haha! Comment all you’d like. 🙂 Which stuff are you referring to in particular? The actual desk/hutch came with the house and the white shelves on the other wall are the Expedit shelves from Ikea. Those are now discontinued, but they have the Kallax system now which is very similar.

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