Balsa wood canvas frame – Monthly DIY Challenge

Whatup, yall!   It’s time again for our DIY Monthly Challenge!  (Applause!!!)

This is a challenge where my bloggy friends and I are assigned an item and must simply make something with it!

This month, our item of choice was craft wood.

And I chose balsa simply for ease of use.  For those who don’t know, balsa wood is very soft, so you can cut it with an X-acto knife or scissors.   Totally my type of material.

I have to say that this month’s theme couldn’t have come at a better time.  See, I recently found this canvas art at a thrift store for $6.  And was completely enamored….

I loved the colors and the contrast.  It immediately caught my eye (as did the price tag), so I adopted it and we held hands as we walked off into the sunset I took that badboy home.

The only downside was that it was an unfinished canvas with staples on the sides.  I wanted to make it appear more finished, thus, I decided to use balsa wood to create a frame.   This was SUPER easy to do, but I wanna caution… because balsa wood is so soft, you mainly wanna use it on lightweight items or items that you know wont be bumped around much as it can dent and become misshapen easily (at least mine did).   I learned this pretty quickly as I constructed my frame.  My canvas was borderline too heavy so I had to be careful that I didn’t set it down on our unevenly textured slate floors too firmly.

Anyways, I chose to use four pieces of 1″ x 1/4″ x 36″ balsa wood, which I purchased from Joanne’s.  Then, I simply measured my canvas and cut my balsa wood to size using the straight edge of my ruler as a guide.   I made multiple passes of the knife until I cut entirely through the wood…


Next, I spray painted my balsa with my new fave, Valspar’s metallic spray paint in gold.  Once it was dry,  I simply hot glued it to the canvas…

That’s all it took!   And here’s what I was left with…


Purdy, no?  I just love this art.   Seriously.  I think it was just a homemade piece that somebody created then donated, but it’s genius.

I decided to hang it in the hangout room for now…


I’m not sure if this will be it’s permanent home, as I’d like to add shelving or a picture ledge to this wall eventually, but for now I’m sort of loving it…

Here’s the view from the doorway…


I’d like to change out the grey patterned pillow cover because I feel like it’s a competing a bit with the curtains, but all in all I’m happy with the direction this room is going.  So anyways, this was a really simple and quick project that really packed an impact!   I really couldn’t be happier with how my frame turned out!

Now, check out what my bloggy friends came up with for their awesome projects… 


Sisterhood of the traveling plant

I’m definitely not a pack-rat.

I don’t easily form attachments to things.  Thus, I prefer to donate or Craigslist stuff I no longer need to simply get it out of the way. It’s cleansing to have a free and empty space (which is why No Man’s Land bothered me for so long).  But, that being said, I’m SO huge on keeping stuff that I love even if I don’t think I have a place for it.   You just never know when an idea will hit.  So, my rule is: If I absolutely love it, I keep it.   Nomatterwhat.

When we first moved into our house, I hung up this leaf print in our laundry/mudroom….


I’d purchased it for our last house from TJ Maxx about 5 years ago.  I remember seeing it in the store and it just grabbed me.  I’m not really sure why.  I think it was the boldness and simplicity of it.   It adorned our last home’s mudroom, so it only made sense for me to start if off there.   Don’t get me wrong… I liked it in the space, but decided to take it down when I made my DIY pear art.   The pear art just suited the space so much better in both style and size.   For a while my little print sat ignored in No Man’s Land, then when I redid our guest bath, I decided to give it another go…



Again, it’s not that I hated it here… I just realized after living with my new bathroom for a bit that I wanted to adapt a more monochromatic color scheme.  So, out went the leaf.   Next, I tried it in my craft closet


Again, I liked it, but was not completely married to it.  Then, the other day as I was passing through our foyer, I spotted this wall and had a Mighty Eureka! Moment….


I grabbed my leaf print and had it hung in a jiffy…


And I danced.   It was perfect here.  It’s funny how you can live somewhere for a year and a half and see the same wall every day, and then one day that light bulb moment hits out of nowhere.  I love it.  I feel like the print plays off the other natural elements in the space (the hemp rug and bamboo light fixture more specifically).  It warms up the space and makes it feel way more finished. THIS is what my little print deserves.   To enhance the space and be enhanced.

Here’s the view from a little farther back so you can get a feel for how the casual gallery wall plays into the feeling of the foyer…


and a little closer up…


 Finally my little friend has a home.  🙂

So, do any of ya’ll have any traveling accessories?

TDC Before and After