Flower Power! Lovely Lilies

Happy Friday, guys! So, this is my third post (or possibly fourth if you include this post) centering around displaying flower arrangements, so I decided to go ahead and make it an actual series entitled “Flower Power!”. Hopefully, this’ll help keep the posts more streamlined and easier to find (The other two can be found here and here).

As I mentioned in my first flower post, my husband Joey and I don’t usually make a huge deal of getting gifts for each other for traditional holidays, but he’s pretty awesome at surprising me with random flowers every so often.  And this was one of those occasions.  Ya see, Joey recently got a new position at work that he’d been hoping for. It’s a GREAT opportunity for him, but will lead to us seeing each other less during the week.

So, the other night, I got home from work and decided to go for a jog since Joey wasn’t home and Lucas was with my parents.  Which is when I tripped and completely busted out on the concrete.  I’m fine, but ended up scraping up pretty much every appendage, plus my stomach. Nice, right?  It’d been about 6 months since I’d last fallen on my face while jogging, so it was probably about time anyways.  :/

After sitting on the sidewalk for a few minutes, I got up, waddled back home, bleeding and whining, and walked into the house.  Which is when I discovered that Joey had planned a little surprise… Flowers, sushi, chocolate, The Walking Dead, AND he took the night off work so we could hang out before he started his new gig.  I had no clue that he was doing this, so it was really nice.  And it definitely made me feel better after my recent tumble. Of course, I couldn’t believe that my innate klutziness and gift for pristine timing had allowed me to fall on this of all nights (…nothing like whetting your appetite for sushi by removing gravel from flesh, huh? Yeah.). But, alas, this is me and as I’ve said before, I tend to be the poster child for Murphy’s Law (I hereby dub this “Exhibit A”).  In any case, he definitely succeeded in making me feel special and the extra time together was awesome.

As for the flowers, he gave me a large bouquet of purple and pink lilies.  Gorgeous.  He always picks good ones, I’ll tell ya.   I decided that a centerpiece change-up was well overdue, so I grabbed some galvanized buckets that I had laying around the house, a white platter from the kitchen, and a bamboo table runner…





I wanted to keep it simple to allow the flowers to take center-stage and I feel like I succeeded.  They’re friendly and purple.  I mean, what more can a girl as for? …well, what more can a girl ask for, you ask?? …Why, pink flowers, TOO! So, to spread the pretty, the pink lilies got a little glam makeover with a metallic honeycomb vase…

IMG_4998 IMG_4967 IMG_5013 IMG_5009

I love the blingy, glittery vase in contrast with our rattan coffee table.  It just happys up the living room to no end.   Now, if only I could keep the arrangement here all the time…  Unfortunately, having a three-year-old requires glamorous flowers to be relocated to the kitchen island after picture-taking time.   Just keepin’ it real, here.   I will say that I enjoyed their eye-candy-producing time on the coffee table, no matter how short the period. So, that’s my newest adventure in flower fun. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


7 thoughts on “Flower Power! Lovely Lilies

    • Thanks, Michelle!! Yeeeahh… I think I’ll keep him around for a while. 🙂 The vase was actually a clearance find at TJ Maxx for 7 bucks.. I all but shouted “YES!!!” in the store when I found it.

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