Easy Ninja Turtle Cupcakes

So, our little man turned 4 this week!  And when it came to his cupcakes I wanted to do something a little special.  Yup!  You guessed it!!  NINJA TURTLES!!  Thisismylifelately.

Now, I must warn you.   I couldn’t find my camera as I was making these.  Go me, right?  Lose your appendage, why don’t ya?   So, this post is riddled with some not-so-great shots from my phone (pleasedontleaveme).  Luckily, you still get the general idea of how to decorate these little guys, though.  (P.S.  I found my camera as I was cleaning the kitchen afterwards.  It was on the counter.)  :/

Anyways, as I was figuring out how I wanted to devise my cupcakes, I trolled Pinterest and the internet for ideas.  Unfortunately, many of the ninja turtle cupcakes I found looked way too complicated for my taste ability. I mean, super cute, but way beyond my skill-set and time constraints.  I’m talking detailed fondant with various layers, molded turtle heads, etc.  So, my goal was a cute and simple ninja turtle cupcake that was quick to create.

With that in mind, I went to Walmart and spotted these eyeballs in the cake decorating section….


And the cables connected.

I purchased the following ingredients…


And got going.    First, I simply baked vanilla and chocolate cupcakes from a box (They were the Betty Crocker Super Moist variety).   And, well, if you’re friends with me on Facebook you already know this.  For those who aren’t, allow me to share…


Yeah.   Not my finest baking moment. Heehee!   At least my cupcakes resembled frogs, though.  Anyhoo, I couldn’t taste the cupcakes myself since they had gluten (I have celiac), so when Joey got home, I fed him about three of them to make sure that they were palatable.  Luckily, he said that not only were they miraculously cooked through, they were actually really moist and delicious.

And I rejoiced.

So, with that bullet dodged, I began the frosting process by mixing this green coloring gel into my fluffy white frosting to get a rich green tone….


I really prefer the coloring gels for frosting because they allow you to obtain a rich, bright color without watering down the frosting like liquid food dyes can.   I piped the frosting onto the cupcakes using an extra large round tip so that the frosting was relatively smooth.   I used the same simple piping method that I described in detail in this post from last year.

Once the frosting was piped on, I attached a flat piping tip directly to the tubes of colored frosting that I’d purchased…


You guys.  I’m so excited that I found these!!  They make decorating a breeze since I no longer have to mix five different colors to acheive my desired effect.  And since they’re in a capped tube, you can store and reuse them over and over.  Woot!

I wanted to to use these to create my ninja turtle masks by simply adding one stripe across each cupcake.  I practiced first on a paper towel to perfect my technique as well as rid the tube of air bubbles…


Then, I applied my stripes to the cupcakes and added my candy eyeballs….


Heehee!   He makes me smile.  I repeated the process with all the different colors so that all the ninja turtles were represented…


And Lucas loved them….


And I mean, REALLY loved them….


Check out the determination on his face!!  He was taking that cupcake DOWN like a BOSS.   Sorry cupcake, your life-saving pleas mean nothing here.  You do not stand a chance.  😉

So, anyways, these were super easy to make (I think decorating them all took me maybe 15-20 minutes, tops, from start to finish) and I’d gladly make them again.   So, with that, we wish our baby big boy a happy birthday and a brilliant 4th year.  🙂

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100 (‘er 101) posts in!

That’s right! As of today I’ve officially logged 101 posts!  Woo-hoo!  And I continue to love every minute of this bloggy experience!  Funny story… I actually meant to publish this as my 100th post, but I threw myself off when I added this extra post on Sunday.  Whoopsie!!  Go me!  That’s okay, though.  Better late than never.

So, in honor of  my 100th 101st post, I thought I’d reminisce by highlighting some of my favorites that you might have missed.  In no particular order, here we go….

Favorite actor in a leading role…  Larry the Table Guy in Say Hello to my Leetle friend (aka: Tutorial for how to spray-paint)


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Favorite admission of failureA Tale of Two Sofas (aka: How we learned to make the most of an odd space)


Favorite (non) pick-up line‘Sup Cupcake (aka: Tutorial for easy, professional-looking cupcake decorating)


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Favorite pest-disposal… All-Natural DIY Gnat Trap (aka: Tutorial for creating a cheap, all- natural gnat trap THAT WORKS!)


Favorite red carpet momentSuch(culent) fun!  (aka: Tutorial for creating industrial-looking succulent planters out of electrical boxes)


Favorite sexy respirator face…  So, I painted tile this weekend (aka: Tutorial for how to paint tile)


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This blog has been such a fun ride so far and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time out of your day to read my goofy posts!   So, let’s raise our virtual glasses and cheers to another hundred (and one) posts! 🙂

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